Sisco apparently broke his wrist as he was in a cast
Johnson's leg is not perfect, but much better...he might play
Koch and Wheelwright are participating in full practice, but Miller said it is unlikely that they will play because until after their 9g is up.
Cates will start practice mid-week
Nunn had to leave practice due to injury, no update
Hugh Charles, Remond Willis and Chris Graham were all back at practice

So Congi is a no go and Bagg is far away, and Hawkins he's out still?

These were updates from today only.

As posted earlier, Conji has been kicking for a couple weeks, so he will probably be back on the 11th.
Hawkins...have not heard much all clue
Bagg, as has been said a few times, is like week 17ish at best, if he plays this year at all.

Apparently Hawkins is likely out for the season, and may not make it back...unconfirmed sources of course.

I heard on TSN that Koch and Congi participated in full practice, and should be back by Banjo Bowl

Timing could not be better to get some injured players back.

Hope we sign some DEs from the NFL!

Sounds like Nunn was hurt at practise yesterday - gives Dallas a chance to start - will be interesting to see how he shows. He stuck around during the bye week to workout with Darian - so he should be ready to go. Barrin Simpson is also questionable for the LC - should know Wed. if he is going to be able play.

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Luca Congi, Cary Koch, and Leron Mitchell all come off the nine-game injured list following this week's game against Winnipeg while Ernie Wheelwright will be available a week later.

Meanwhile, all four players that were sitting on the one-game list going into the bye week have come back healthy as Wes Cates, Hugh Charles, Remond Willis and Chris Graham have all been practicing to begin the week of practice.

Kicker Luca Congi, receiver Cary Koch and defensive back Leron Mitchell are all due to come off the list in time for next week’s Banjo Bowl in Winnipeg. They’ve all been on the field with the Green & White this week as they practice at Mosaic Stadium and now they’ll just need to find room for the vets.

Saskatchewan could be without linebacker Barrin Simpson on Sunday when they take on Winnipeg in the Labour Day Classic, he’s questionable with a rib injury, “It's a cartilage on one of his ribs -- where it joins with the bone -- I don't think there's a fracture there, but we'll just have to see.

Koch and Congi should play this week. If they practiced full all week, they need to play this week. They haven't burned any of their early 9game returns yet. Times are desperate, they NEED they receiver depth and a place kicker real bad.

As for Remond Willis, as long as Tearrius George stays in its cool, because George is clearly their best pass rusher right now. Willis hasn't done much.

Neither is off the ir until the banjo bowl. No way are they losing cap room for one game at this point. Only one could come back now and it would cost too much

They pretty much have to go 7-3 the rest of the way. Every game counts. Why quibble over cap space? This is desperation time. If Miller is serious about making salvaging a playoff run they NEED THOSE GUYS now. They've been hurting at receiver all year. Koch is a much better option than Robinson or Nunn. He's a clutch guy. The kicking game has been a disaster for a month. If Congi can kick, get him in there pronto.

If the Riders miss the playoffs by 1 game, do you want it to be over 100k of cap space? The Kornegay and Mullinder moves were SUPPOSEDLY for cap space. If you have it, use it.

Or if not, then just admit that the season is over and you're playing for next years jobs.

Again, you can only bring one back.

As far as cap goes...if a guy like chick ends up in bc because the riders had no cap room are you going to complain, because that's what happened with Stevie Baggs anb,d fans were calling for heard to roll.

Well I can only go by what we are told, but we are told that the Riders are over the cap every year anyways. You have 6.6 million dollar profit, and you've dumped two good players in the name of "cap space" (officially), the GM publicly says that they "can't wait around for these guys (Chick, Fantuz) to come back," trade for a low salary depth receiver Baker because of all the injuries at receiver and NOT DRESS HIM 3 games, and then quibble over 100k worth of salary with the entire season about to blow up in your face?

Seriously? You're allowed three early 9 game returns, 1 in each half of the season and 1 more at any time. If they are practising full this week, that means that they are ready to go, so if they don't go that means that Miller is either really dumb or isn't serious about a playoff run. 100k to try to save the season? My BS meter is off the richter.

When did the "one other at any time" come in to play? I've never heard/read/seen this before. My understanding was one per half-season.

That's the way that I've always heard it. Never heard it different. And even if, gotta bring ONE back AT LEAST.

Perhaps you're right, but I've never seen that portion of the "early release" of players from the 9-game. I've always heard it is one per half, period. Someone is free to correct me if I'm wrong.

I disagree entirely with your suggestion of bringing back a player with one game remaining on the 9-game. That's nothing but foolish considering the cap woes the Riders have faced in previous years. Play it safe, sit them the one remaining game to ensure both their full health and the cap room, and have them ready to go for the 11th.

I totally agree with you jm02. There comes a point were common sense from a buisiness perspective must pervail

As far as the 9 game thing goes I believe the rule is

  • that you can use several 9g prior to the start of the season and that none of those injurry salaries count against the cap uless they come back prior to the 10th game of the season (9-game weeks).
  • you can use as many 9g as you wish during the season, but there are hard limits on how many can be used as a salary cap exemption.
  • that there 1 - 9g per 1/2 season, and designate it as an exemption AT THE TIME of the injury. If you bring them back prior to 9 games the exemption is void and their salary for games missed counts against cap.
    and designate it as an exemption. a
  • floater any time, same rules as above. I think this was a rule in the past but is defunct now.

I also agree. And I have now clue where this idea that there is a "floater" (3rd) exemption out there came from. There is just no such thing. I tried to find the rules regarding injury reserves and roster movement on this site but just couldn't. I spent a couple of minutes on google and found this: ... 6854a4&p=1 (see third section). I know it is 3 years old and the guy that thinks there is three can say "it is three years old, it has changed since then", but I have heard of no such thing. Why? Probably because it never happened.

I see that it is the same article that depop found. That makes two of us who could not find anything more recent.

yeah...I can say with extreme certainty that there used to be a floater rule with 9g status, but it likely changed via the rule changes in the link provided.