Stala and McDaniel were hurt today. Wondering how bad their injuries are? We need these 2 for the playoffs.

I noticed Stala was absent in the second half, anyone know what happened to him?

He was limping after being tackled. He walked with a noticeable limp,but he did come back for another series. Then I didn't notice him at all.

I'm hoping Stala/McDaniel and Bruce (who was a no show at today's game but he was on a promo on Tigervision) were sidelined due to caution as opposed to actual injuries. That's what I'm hoping a lot. We'll find out next week, I guess.

Though he didn't play, Bruce was there, and most times I caught a glimpse of him he had a smile on his face. Saw him stretching a bit in sweats in the east endzone very early in the pre-game warmup, but I didn't see him run.

In a post game interview, MB said Bruce was completely healthy by midweek but was kept out to make sure he was available for the playoff. Stala's problem, like Bruce's, is with a hamstring.