I lost track, who was all inured? So many… and our most needable players to :frowning:.

Re: What were the Leos' Injuries against Saskatchewan on Oct. 24

Call me paranoid, but why should I try to answer this? What is to stop someone from Calgary from posting it, to try and get some info about our injuries? If you watched the whole game you should know who got hurt.

well i remember mallet, harris and miles. was that it? and i think a special team player? but i think they will all be back next game except mallet.

Reid played 1/2 a game on a broken foot.........thats guts!

That is too funny dooger!:lol:

Have not heard of "game films" which are generally reviewed before each game? If memory serves me I recall Reid, Mallet, Harris, Miles, and George all sustaining some sort of an injury. Just how bad remains to be seen. I just hope the Lions won't have to be brought onto the field next week using stretchers.

Reid was playing with a broken foot?? Wow! What a player!

Reid and George are out for the season. Mallett and Miles, unknown how long they will be out.

You'll miss Reid. A NI centre who has been the anchor of that line ...all of a sudden gone. That's a bigger loss than Mallett if you ask me.

yes bumpus is number 18, and yes i agree he is a lot better then grice, and what an AMAZING catch by him.

sorry, posted in wrong spot lol. the one about grice and bumpus.