Eric Deslauriers has been placed on the 9 game injured list:

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So our Als will be without the services of Eric Deslauriers in the receiving corps for the next nine games.

Burning question. . . will anyone notice?

The guy who writes down the list.... :lol:

Yikes ! Deslauriers wasn't a fast receiver in College and than he got even bigger so slower. I think he doesn't have the speed to get open.

Take away Cahoon and our non import receivers are zip! This has to become a real problem area very soon! Too bad as the Als have a history of good Canadian receivers!

I think Desriveaux has potential. It's just that he doesn't see the rock very often with Cahoon, Watkins, Richardson, Bratton, and Green all ahead of him on the depth chart. Personally, I'd get rid of Bratton and start grooming Desriveaux to take over the NI receiver spot when Cahoon retires.

Deslauriers? Useless sack of nothing. This injury probably spells the end of his career as an Al.

I'm more concerned with the O-line. Lambert will miss Sunday's game and Seagraves didn't exactly shine in his first start at left tackle. Trestman might have to modify the playbook in Bourke's absence. And Calvillo will have to get the ball off quickly.

Is it true what they say...all good things come to a end? Well...U can add Mark Estelle to the "doubtful" for sunday's game list with Paul Lambert. Also Richardson did not practice today!