After reading the practice report (thanks Zbest!), I had a thought that I'd like to share to check the common view.

I think that the injuries we suffered midseason, is now showing real tangible benefit. We came out rather unscathed (12-6 speaks for itself), and now we are fielding a team of pretty healthy guys. Unfortunately the largest problem is the individual stats, can you imagine what Fantuz and Cates would have put on the books if they remained healthy? But from a team perspective, we're looking good compared to a bangedup BC (I think if Pierce trips on a bubble gum wrapper anytime soon, he is done).

Being that we are now hosting a playoff spot, the injuries we had now are going to payoff. (Sorry Tillman, I know you would disagree in your attempt to balance the books).

By the way, on an unrelated note, I am really proud to be a Rider fan today, we practically trample each other to sell out Mosaic even when website crashes, and next door in Manitoba, they are struggling to sell that one, and even to the point where I am reading people trying to unload their tickets at less than face value. :rockin:

With Chick, Fantuz, and McKenzie back strong, we picked up bonuses in good quality backups (S. Williams, Stevie Baggs, Getzlaf, Nicolson, R. Williams). Even Flick, Dominguez, and Cates have proven that our depth is quality (Dressler, Walker, Charles).

But, on the injury front, we're still missing key non-imports (Leron Mitchell, Yannick Carter, Jeremy O'Day). Without these guys, our offence is limited in it's import capacity. We're looking at 5 or 6 imports on offence instead of the 7 or 8 from week 2.

Our injuries continue to hamper us this year, but next year, we'll see some moves. We'll see some of these other guys get the chance to start, and have breakout years.

And, the accomplishments are so much sweeter, when you have to fight through difficulties to achieve them.