So has anyone heard anything on D.J. Flick, Andy Fantuz, or John Chick?

I know Flick was practiceing last week, but i havn't heard anything else.

Flick could be ready by the end of Sep. early October.

Chick will probably be ready to go next week.

Fantuz last update on him was late october.

with Chick, if we are tight on cap numbers, they should rest him the extra week or two, save the cap space and make sure he is healthy.

And last I heard, DJ was having the pins in his leg taken out after Labour Day. Until that happens, it is pure speculation as to when he'll be back.

I hear that Chick is embarassing our O-Line at practice. It's strictly salary cap issue that he's not playing this week. If we got our 6-game injury list like Tillman wanted, he'd probably be playing.

I was just gonna ask about beat me to it!!!

Good to hear everyone is donging good. What about Hughes? Any word on him?

I hear from the ladies that Hughes is also donging good. But, it's his onfield performance that concerns me even more...

Not sure why you're so focussed on their donging abilities. :cowboy:

Neil told me today at the autograph session that he is hoping to play in Winipeg. But also added that it would be up to the doctors and coaches. It was nice to see Fantuz and Flick run onto the field today also. I think we collected in the area of 50 player autographs today.

Where's Dressler today? I had to miss the first 10 minutes of the game, so I don't know what I missed. Was he injured early on, or did something happen in practice?

He got rocked on the 2nd pass from Bishop .... Safety laid him out on the interception

And now Boreham .... this is turning from bad to worse.

how many people do they have on the list

I just heard on the radio that Deressler sustained a concussion.


That's what it looked like on the replay...not good...

Bowman may also be injured with a torn quad.

Miller's press conference he has Dressler could have played the second half and he was being cautious.

It takes at least 48 hours to know for sure. Derssler would have been stupid to even think of going back in. Good thing Miller kept him out.

Speaking of the replay it looked like a helmet led hit to me...Riders should send the film to the Commish

why, nothing is ever done anyways.

9-Game injury dates:

June 21: (Before game 1) Eligable @ WPG
David McKoy
Drew Tate
Jean Francois Morin-Roberge

July 11: (Before game 3) Eligable vs BC
Leron Mitchell

July 18: (Before game 4) Eligable @ MTL
D. J. Flick

July 26: (Before game 5) Eligable vs Calgary
John Chick

Aug 1: (Before game 6) Eligable @ Calgary
T.J. Acree
Kevin Scott

Aug 6: (Before game 7) Eligable vs Hamilton
Carl Berman
Andy Fantuz
Chris Getslaf

Aug 20: (Before game 8 ) Eligable vs EDM
Belton Johnson

That's what I get from wikipedia.