Seems like a bad year for injuries so far.

Broken bones - Durant, Perry, Fantuz, Flick

What others have broken something so far?

do you consider a fractured vertabre a break?

Dislocated pinkies?

Mitchell (Sask - broken leg)

Torn pectorals for Barrin Simpson and Lenny Williams.

...and gone for the season :cry:at least in Barrins case....don't know about Williams...but those injuries can also be career ending...depending on the age of the player

I don't think injuries are up, but they are a lot more gruesome this year that's for sure.

They seem to be gruesome. I remember around 20 years ago. someone from Eskimo's defense (Bell????) broke his neck. Many years in rehab...

We all like the nice hard hits but hopefully the league doesn't lose any more potentially Hall of Famers to the injury bug.

Most of the worst injuries this year weren't due to hard hits, just bad luck.

Coming down wrong, own players rolling over on legs, etc.

I can't think of one, other than Tucker maybe, that was due to someone getting really hammered.

D'joo forget abopt Mays' hit on Darian Durant?

That was bad yeah, cracked ribs aren't pleasant. I was more talking about the gruesome breaks we've seen though.

The hit on durant was a clean hit...he just left himself exposed.