I know the biggest is Glenn, but there are others that are pretty major as well. What's the status on Bolden and Charlton? Bolden at first looked dead on the sidelines but looked like he just had a nasty limp off the field. Charlton and I think Sheridan looked beat up too. Any news?

....Bolden was walking fine at the airport when the team returned, says he'll be playing Sunday...Sheridan is good to go, and you won't keep Ike out of the line-up...other than Glenn the Bombers are in pretty good shape... :thup: :rockin:

he hurt his hammy on the ball that talbot missed. he was walking ok on sunday night and there is no way he will stop himself from missing this game.

Bolden's seemed to have been the one that was most evident during the telecast, thanks all three of yous for keeping track and the update.

Sounds like Bolden is out with the hammy. I asssume its either Sammy Young or Ian Logan thats gonna replace him. Big loss for us, Bolden has been solid.

Bolden seems pretty defiant about it as well. I heard Moss or Bush will be the replacement. You may want to read this....

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