Since there has been a lot of talk about injuries on the forum in the last few weeks, I thought that I would share this blog with everyone.

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Atta bot, Kent!

I wonder if we will have any Lion whiner’s poke their heads in here…?

Or maybe if Chris Schultz can count beyond “one”, he’ll find some info here.
But you know, what?
I expect the Riders to win anyway… interesting and mature way of looking at the injury issue Kentbot....I agree with his take on it, your seconds and thirds should be able to do the job and then some...

Nope, not at all realistic. There's a reason why second and third stringers are not starters. Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT STARTERS! They aren't as good as starters. If you think Marcus Crandell can do just as good a job as Joseph, why don't they just start Crandell?

Absololute hogwash. There's nothing more to say.

I'd like to know where these "man hour" missed stats are kept and have a look at how far out front of everyone lese the Riders are, sounds a bit fishy to me.

You guys can talk about how the Riders have more injuries than the Lions, but I can guarentee you that none of the Riders' injuries (other than the Hall of Famer Eddie Davis) would even make the Lions squad. and THAT is the difference.

Good point rlr, the impact of the quality of the player being out is likely not a consideration.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I think Makoswky could make the B.C. line-up

Injured players are paid full salary and count against the SMS. Unless you place them on the 9 game list, in which case, they are paid, but it does not count against the cap. But those players cannot be brought back before 9 games...
So, the league keeps track of these things, thanks.
Nothing fishy or complicated about it.
The only injuries that can be "manipulated" are ones that are so minor the team doesn't bother to take a player off its 46 man roster.
It is tough to keep track of those.
We have 16-17 players on the injured list--so fully 1/3 of our entire 46 man roster.
Several are starters--I think 6 or 7--and a few guys are on the 9 game and have missed every game this year.
When we played the Lions last time, we had as many (likely more) starters out, and a number of back-ups, yet the crying was almost endless about the poor depleted Lions.
RLR can say silly things like "your starters couldn't start for the Lions" all he wants, as long as he realizes how stupid it then sounds when he says , "but back-ups are back-ups no matter what".
Think about it.
Apparently none of our starters are as good as BC's starters, yet our team filled with "inferior back-ups" went into BC Plce and kicked their "superior" butts.
The problem with trash talk, RLR, is if you can't back it up, you just look silly.

Yo Murphy, TJ Stancil, Jurineack, Makowsky, Adams, Eddie Davis will all miss the game this week.
3 of them have not played a game this year. Davis is on the 9 game, and Makowsky will miss a minimim of a month--possibly more. Just those guys alone likely have more games missed than the entire Lions team.
Two hall of famers on that list. And the key position of long snapper , Frenette is also out.
In the case of Adams and Jurineak, their "inferior" back-ups are also out. Mitchell, Mullinder. So we are down to 4th stringers there.
And of course we have a number of other guys out.
But when Chris Schultz said we only had 1 injury, I am sure that was well founded....

One of the aspects that RLR completely overlooks, and likely on purpose, is that all teams sustain injuries. That is why DEPTH on any team is so important.
Of course the starters are starters for a reason.
But if the Lions depth is so shallow that the loss of a couple of players for a couple of games is such a problem, then they are already toast this year.

Injuries are a factor, but never an excuse.
It really is not that difficult a concept....

You've been reading to many of your own posts, RLR...

Unrealistic that's what it is!! Unrealistic as to the amount of injuries or that KA said that??? If a PROFESSIONAL football player starts a PROFESSIONAL football game aren't they LITERALLY a "starter". The coaches have deemed them talented enough to play in a PROFESSIONAL football game.