Injuries Status for Week 20

Can we expect to see any of these starters back for Saturday?

thats a lot of talent on the offense


Maybe Fantuz. I wouldn`t hold my breath on any of the other.

Drew Edwards @scratchingpost · 1m 1 minute ago
#Ticats WR Andy Fantuz w/ helmet doing drills on sideline. No team work yet but he’s closer. Would be a big addition vs. #Alouettes. #CFL

This is very good news!!

Okay Grover, let's go over your injury list:

Dyakowski: Forget about it, he's done for the year.

Fantuz: Looks like the only one of these guys that is probable to play.

Gable: Like Dyakowski, I believe he is done for the year.

Koch: Won't get back into the line-up unless two import receivers get injured.

Ellingson: Even if he is healthy enough to play they would probably have to remove Sinkfield from the line-up which I don't think Austin is prepared to do. Sinkfield, while not as good a receiver as Ellingson, is definitely more versatile. Can catch, run the ball,as well as return kicks and punts.

Bowman: He's been the odd man out since Austin has done the smart thing by dressing two running backs. I don't think he'll be back in the line-up unless an import defensive player, not in the secondary, gets injured.

100% correct & spot on analysis.

One thought ... How about dressing Bowman instead of Harris? Use Bowman @ SAM on obvious running downs & Gainey @ SAM on 2nd and long? Bowman may even be the better choice against the bigger, more physical receivers on Montreal overall?

Just a thought.

Drew Edwards @scratchingpost · 1h 1 hour ago
Other #Ticats players resting today: @Mr513RicoMurray @Tank_Reed1911 @jfig305. Would expect all to be ready for #Alouettes #CFL

I'd have no problem with that and it makes a lot of sense but I'm sure the biggest difference is that Steinauer likes the versatility of Harris over Bowman.

Spot on yes, except that is not my injury list.

Fantuz is practicing today

steve milton ?@miltonatthespec 40m40 minutes ago
Actually, Fantuz had uni on under his sweats and will practice. Good news for #Ticats fans.

I heard Fantuz was practicing and should be ready to go against the Al's on Saturday, he had a hamstring injury but it's better, maybe enough to play?