Injuries Starting To Mount

8) It now appears that both Darrell Adams and Garrett McIntyre may miss Saturdays game with injuries.
  Hence the signing of Imp. DL Bryan Robinson as a replacement for one of the them.  At 6'3", 297lbs.
  I would imagine that Robinson would be used at DT.  That would depend on his quickness and speed
  however.  He may be used at Def. End, if he is capable of it !!

  Still no word on Khari Long, as to when he can return to the lineup.  His injury must be worse than 
  first announced  !!!        <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Khari Long was practicing with the first team yesterday, Tipper, as was DT Montez Murphy
who is more likely to replace Darrell Adams since he had been here all this month.

8) Well, that is good news regarding Khari Long, Ron.
  Ahhh yes, Montez Murphy, I had forgotten about him being here  !!!!

Good news about Long, but we are pretty much screwed without Adams and Mcintyre.

I am not expecting a win here Very hard to beat The Esk at Home

I like a Win but I don't Expect it

Alot forget Long was chosen out of training camp to start ahead of McIntyre . Hopefully that will be motivation for Long to get that job back and keep it.

Agreed that taking one from the Esks at home is a tall order, but in our previous meeting the offense was very effective at picking apart the Esks D. Both QP and Cobb were solid. And, the Esks offensive output was statistically pretty good as well - RR has a big day, so it's not like we beat them on D.

That brings up a question, in my limited CFl experience I have the impression that SSK has been the toughest place to win ... Is that a valid assumption ???

I think any team including Montreal is beatable this year.

No concerns starting Khari Long at DE. He played really well before being injured.

It has been a while since we have seen him play and Garrett has stepped in with a never quit attitude. We will see why Khari was chosen to start at DE at the beginning of the season.

Once McIntyre is back, our depth at DE will prove invaluable down the stretch.