Injuries! So soon?

I just heard on the radio right now, that The riders have Five injured receivers. They did not say who.

They said none are too serious, but Five injuries in preseason in one position!

Most, if not all should be ready by week one, but some will miss preseason games.

Thought i would throw that out there.

Depth is so important.

those receivers would be Flick,Anderson,Hill,Grant, and Murphy. I read it on the site. At least those injuries aren't too serious.

When the 'riders have injuries that needs medical attention, who pays the doctors, etc.? Do the 'riders have some kind of private medical insurance plan or does the organization itself pay the medical bills? Or does our communist inspired freeloading health care system pick up the tab (ie taxpayers like me)?

...although I am not 100% sure about this I think every team has a full blown medical doctor on staff, usually a local doc who is volunteering his/her time to the team, or taking a honourarium type payment that usually get redirected to charity....this doctor would handle minor bumps and bruises type injuries...the team would take out medical insurance on their players, or the CFLPA would do this as part of the players union, to handle more serious things like local hospital visits or medical transport back to the states...

That is what I would have guessed and it makes sense to me.

To honest, it would not bother me at all if the government paid the bills. After all, they are gainfully employed and the teams certainly add to their local economies.

The government sure as shit does not pay for anything invovling sports injuries.
The very idea of such a thing would be mind-blowing!

...what? you're telling me that my 17 year old son playing football breaks his leg and the hospital is going to say 'oh, so sorry, tough luck'?!?!....I don't think so....(on the other hand, maybe you're being sarcastic, in that case, ignore my reply)...

Id be willing to bet dude was being sarcastic lol

The "injuries" are nothing to worry about. =)

LMFAO. Holy crap dude, pass the dutchie upon the left hand side.

Nah Nah what i was talking about was if Domingeuz tears his acl (knock on wood) early in the season, he will not be put on a surgery waiting list like the rest of the public would be.

The Riders (even though i dont know the details) have a private health plan and staff that they pay for. This ensures them quick treatment for injuries and recoveries. The govt does not put any money into paying for the Riders health plan.

Oh and as far as passing the dutchie on the left hand side goes . . . well i have no idea what that means. Sorry Sixpacked.