Injuries ? Mstery or Reality?

Out here in BC I don't hear much that is real in sports , especially about Green Nation.

Now I hear DJ Flick is coming with the team but might not play....Enough already!

No running backs, no blocking, no running game, no Deap Threat. As much as they are arrogant BC has a very good pass rush.

Holmes is a great player , but a slotback. Can't block DL. Ranek average blocker, can't catch, short yardage is KJ's speciality. Szarka, Cates gone.

Even a bonehead Henri Childs must be able to run, must be some about foot ball players named Henri???

Been a Rider Fan a Longggggg time, game is played on the field but I hope Austin and Tilman are being less than open. Kick Butt quick and often or we will see Crandell too early

Szarka and Flick are both listed as starters for tomorrow's game, as per the depth chart...that may change, however, since I don't believe the gametime roster has to be finalized until about an hour before the game...

That is Good News! Hopefully the final roster will have another good surprise.... I wonder if a 2 tight end package would help?

Cates is listed as third on the depth chart, behind Holmes (starter) and Ranek...based on that, I wouldn't hold out for more surprises, but it'd sure be nice if Cates could start...

I think Mike Palmer(sp) would be great if he gets an alotted amount of playing time.

You seem to be jumping on the bandwagon, welcome aboard it's gonna be a great ride.

Childs is on the injured list...I am guessing Ranek or Cates for starting RB.

Even with Szarka, Holmes is not a good running back.

The Cadillac is back... hopefully. Great to see

Greenand white, Its my heritage....Born to be wild in Maple Creek.

So your actually a Rider fan? I thought you were a Stamp fan or are you?