Injuries /Leos game

....So the lackadaisical play of the Bombers have finally caught up...We took our foot of the gas and it may have cost us our best D player..Looks like Leggett could be done with an Achilles a play that we didn't need to have IF we had kept the pressure on and not allowed an easy td in the final minutes..

Totally agree! I fear we are limping towards the finish line! Could be a succulent home-cooked pork dinner for the 3rd place team in the western semi? No?>

Don't think so.
Semi-final game is a month away, OK, four weeks.
No sweat:
Wild back for Leggett, probably a few weeks from now, or, Knox surprises us all,
Adams sounds like he will need some time off, not season ending,
Dressler will be back soon,
Shayon Green gives Okp a week's rest, does fine,
Givens on PR could step in any time soon, he's had enough time to learn the play book,
Flanders shows up, having had time to re-dye his locks,
the sun will come up.

Putting guys "on the six" is just cash management,

Bombers play N WR's against TO and keep that all import DL together, Ricky Ray running for his life.

MOS, despite his tough guy "next man up" stance will rest a few "nicks",

November 12th, high noon, Esky's at IGF, cold dirty day then Bombers go to Calgary.

Why Esky's? Corky is such a devious dink he sandbags for the cross-over, concerned about his future.

Now I'm off to cash my Pro-Line. Hit all four.

.....I still think we'll be tough going down the just would have been a lot better having our top defensive player in there....I don't doubt we'll clinch second and have a home playoff game....Adams will be back and that's a biggie....most likely Dressler as well as Wild (need him more than ever now)....I'd like to see us put that home playoff game on our IGF calendar sooner rather than later and rest up some of the nic'd guys as well...I don't think we're thinking first place anymore but a solid second and a home playoff would be nice

I think we can forget the game against Calgary so that leaves us with Toronto and BC. Toronto is chasing first place so man we are in tough with all those injuries. And... even if we can replace the guys banged up on defence, we are still only playing 11 as Sam the overseer acts like the grade school traffic patrol. I would think MOS owes it to the rest of the defence to fix that problem but we have been saying that for over two years now.

WOW - I'm noticing many of the rah-rah & lemming types have come to the realization that Hurl is basically the rowing counter on the multi-person skulls. Doesn't row - just has a whistle and a load voice.

If the Bombers can advance to the western final (either thru the 3-spotor hosting a homer match) that's an amazing accomplishment.

Guys like Dressler & Wild are pretty infirm and even if either/both come back - they won't last long. That's what the form chart says!

Hurl is an itinerant hobo - only gets to start cuz it gave the bombers a chance to start more americans in key positions (WR, DB, OL) but his continued invisibility will haunt the bombers in the playoffs.

Nichols is pretty nicked up w/ all the abuse he's been subject to - Dom Davis doesn't have the ability to rifle the puck into tight windows. Lafavour is a gamer - but can't produce game outcomes like Nichols.

Even if the Bombers go 1 & done in the playoffs - fans will accept the result because of the injuries. My fear is that guys like Wild, Dressler, even Medlock will call it a day - even Westerman is getting old.

Wpg. GM has to forget about putting time into the CIS draft (he's not done well) and re-up all his o-linemen, find 1 extra monster on the d-line who's NOT a stand-off guy - a guy who can dominate people; another WR like Roosevelt, Dar Adams, Burnham, Arcenaux, Ernie Jackson, etc.

Biggest need is no longer QB - Matt N. has been everything and more than he was billed as. Biggest need is MLB - Hurl is a handicap to any defense - need a Solly Bomb Bombs, Bear Woods, Alice Singleton or even Muttsy Muamba. Big-time!

No longer need Medlock - who's gone from a super-lengthy 89.8% FG kicker to a guy who's barely 80% and a slightly below average punter. I'd take Ty Long, Sergio Castillo or even Crapigna in a heartbeat over Medlock. Wouldn't mind having a dual-purpose kicker making $120,000 - NOT $210,000

We had a Cdn. K/P but impatience forced him to another team(Tor) where he is doing great. Blaming him for losses that really were the team's fault, cost us in money and a ratio spot...Being a Leaf fan and a Bomber fan has shown me that overnite success is not the answer. We let a good kicker go because he was in a slump and we couldn't wait. That's what really cost us. Lirim is going to bite us back.

Part of Medlock's slight decline is the fact that he is asked to kick more longer FGs than any other FG kicker.

IIRC Leggett got hurt in training camp and missed 3 or 4 early games due to an ankle injury.

.......I know Dan....Leggett has certainly been Mr. Steady since then and should have been up for year end awards...Tough for him and the club and at 31 those Achilles problems don't heal well....I'm hoping to see him back next year BUT he may never be the same player and that is a bloody crime...On the positive side we seem to be able to recruit fairly well for the position...It's just MLB that seems to escape us....I think we have to go American over a Soloaluminium...because the middle will be exploited especially in this years playoffs

Papa - look at this positively. Leggett is not a speedster - prolly a 4.9 to 5.0 40 so having surgical repairs to his Achilles might make him faster. Hope he's ready for training camp or 1st third of season - cuz players like that are absolute gems.

He could probably play a couple more years if he takes care of himself - but he's obviously a bit injury prone as history has shown.

I think Ian Wild, even though he's only 28 could be our next defensive coordinator. Guy is super smart - even though he's the CFL equivalent of Wpg Jets Frenchy Perrault - almost always injured - very fragile body!

I've come to realize O'Shea's genius re: Samuel Hurl. Yes, he's a bit zebra and a bit no-contact player out there but he's so gloriously identifiable as a weakness that O'Shea might have opponents funnelling a ton of play into the middle - and let the other guys track down the runners/receivers . . . . keep them chipping with 7 to 12 yd gains, let them kill clock and close them down in the red zone. That's the real key. Let someone rack up 300+ yds passing 100+ yds running but only 14 to 20 pts.

Mik O'Shea is brilliant!

Mike NO'Shea is a fault.

......'CLOSE THEM DOWN IN THE 'REDZONE'.....Lyle are you now subscribing to the 'Ritchie Hall' bend but don't break defence....LOL....It has to be Ritchie's cuz O'Shea doesn't like to see anything break, never mind bend, okay maybe 'bend an opposition receiver or running back in half'....Hurl is getting a pass on his shortcomings because of his passport...everybody in town knows that...It allows us to manipulate the ratio BUT I could never see Mikey wanting to give up yardage deliberately and funnelling a miniscule amount of play into the middle....period....He's not built that way...I think deep down O'Shea is not happy with Sam 'the mistackle 'Man....and will have a good look at the position in the offseason IF we exit early...

Toforcefullythrow up.
Seeing thosetwotogether makes mesick. I think I'mgoingto hurl.
From The Urban Dictionary.

Anyone reading the Bomber boards this week would think we're 4-11 not 11-4, lol. Wasn't able to see the Leos game, but the news of losing Leggett is huge. Unfortunate for all involved. Curious to see who they move into that slot. It won't be Roc Carmichael again, so that's good. Maybe Porter. I'd like to see them move Walker into there. His physical play might fit in well there. Doesn't seem like there will be any veteran help. Maybe it's Darnell Walker.

Complain all you want about Hurl, there aren't many changes coming. With Westerman out we're running short of starting Canadians. Only option would be to make a change to the Oline and that would be ridiculous, especially at this juncture of the season.

As I didn't see the game, not sure what happened, but with Darvin getting hurt and no Dressler, how does Denmark only put up one catch? He has been a non factor in all too many games this year. He's played well of late, but the one catch on the weekend is very disappointing. Maybe this Givens guy can provide a spark, plus Dressler may be back soon. Now would be a good time for another receiver to step up though.

Without Adams & Dressler to stretch the defense - Denmark doesn't possess the speed or the height/power to "Burnham" jump balls. Adams is a huge loss cuz it costs them points, especially in the red zone (get ready for Medlock going for 7 FGs) = the new kid Givens might be a gooder but he's yet to be tested. Thorpe would have been OK (not quite a defense-stretcher like Adams). Look at the stats vs. BC - most of Nichols completions were dinks 'n dunks - longest catch was just 20 yds. Its a predicament -but the only thing predictable is that Mike O'Shea never shows panic - on the outside!

I thought and was hoping we would slaughter BC, but we let up. Later I thought about it more and maybe we eased off because we are going to meet this same team in 2 weeks. We had just eliminated them from the playoffs, they are pissed off, have nothing to play for except pride AND get to exact revenge only 2 games down the road... I think we eased up too much.
It was a tough hard hitting game. BC knew Flanders was out and that Harris was the main threat so they keyed on Harris. Over and over they stopped him and over and over we kept running the same plays. This is where the stubbornness comes in. After half-time, why not use the fullback Normand more in this situation. Screen plays or hand-offs to a receiver are all options. Nope, we just keep giving the ball to Harris and Solly just keeps bringing him down. We made Solly look really good and I'm amazed Harris did not get hurt !
Ultimately this comes down on MOS but LAPO has a mouth. Why didn't he say or do something different ?...My biggest critique of the coaches has always been the inability or refusal to change. This is why we need to develop the killer instinct even more. 11-4 does say a lot though.

I'm a huge PLOP FAN - (Paul Lapolice) but the biggest blight on his coaching career is his sheepishness when it comes to confronting either his head coach or his GM when it comes down to critical issues. He knows he's good - he's the highest paid assistant in the league fgs - and he doesn't want to rock the boat. He was a Casper the Ghost when he worked under Joe Mack - and even Coffee Zombie Joe decided to fire Plop. So no surprise at all that Plop won't stand up to an assertive and stubborn head coach like O'Shea. (by the same token I'm sure Plop looks at a guy like O'Shea, an inexperienced coach who made error after error his first 2 or 3 years and says that anyone else would have been fired - but because O'Shea is tied to the hip with Miller & Walters, he gets off scot-free; probably some brooding resentment under the surface which Plop has been able to hide)

.....I agree Dan BUT Harris is pursuing a few records AND I know 'team comes first' and there's no 'I' in 'team' but I'm sure the club and coaches would like to see Andrew come up with a few accolades...soooooo they have him in there...I would prefer to see Normand play more...This guy is a bullish bowling ball that opposition defenders prefer to shy away from when he gets rumbling...I'd like to see him in the lineup more frequently in our second meeting with the Leos, so that Wally and his gang can leave with a few...let's say BRUISED egos and remembrances of us in 2017.

I love Harris, Papa. I'd love to see him get the 1000/1000 thing too. (Maybe Rod will stop talking about it. ;D) But if it ain't workin, it AIN"T working ! Wally and the boys would like nothing better than to play the spoiler and maybe send a few of us to the infirmary. We already saw what a desperate team can do-Hamilton. Play Normand as our RB and let Andrew get some more catching yards. We do need help there. When Harris was catching the ball, Solly had a harder time catching him. Solly will be gunning for Harris for sure, and with nothing to lose or gain, it may get ugly.
It used to be that a HC would change up at half-time and adapt to what the opposition was showing. MOS won't and we all know that. I don't think 'the game plan' is written in stone.