Injuries Hit Montreal Hard

8) Star running back, Brandon Whitaker, has been lost to the Al's for the rest of the season.
 He suffered a torn ACL in Sundays game, and is scheduled for surgery.

 The Al's have also lost receiver Brian Bratton for several weeks, with a hyperextended right knee.

Really, you post that emoticon in a story talking about a player who just suffered a serious injury?

Very classy.

:P :P :P

This is good news for the Cats so :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Tipper has this annoying tendency to put that silly emoticon at the beginning of every post. I don’t know why, but it is always there and isn’t exclusive to just this post.

8) For your information, I have used that "emoticon" on every post that I have made on this site since I joined, over
        6 years ago !!   Why don't you try checking back and you will see.

         It has nothing to do with the fact that I was reporting injuries to players at all.

          I was simply letting people know on here the serious injuries that have hit the Al's.

           I am one person that would never make light of injuries to any players on any team !!

            You need to get your facts straight, before you spout off    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

No offense, but if you don't want your intention to be mistaken, don't use an emoticon that, to any sane person, indicates satisfaction with what you're describing (the mouseover text for the emoticon is 'cool'). I neither know nor care about your posting history enough to check or be aware of whatever weird tendency you have in your posting style.

That said, I'm glad to see you are not taking pleasure in a serious injury to a player on a rival team, as at least one other Cats fan in this thread is doing.

You are giving your fellow Cats fans a bad name.

Seems a fair enough explanation. It'll be interesting to see if Escobar's explanation is as honest. :?

Just win baby :wink:

As long as we're being cold and analytical, these injuries on paper benefit Toronto and Winnipeg more than Hamilton (two games remaining each versus one for us).

With that out of the way, given a 42 man roster any injury to a starter is significant. RBs do seem to be easier to replace than some other positions though.

As long as Calvillo , Richardson , SJ GREEN and London are healthy they will be fine

They also have a decent other RB in Victor Anderson who has already played well this season .
Their head coach is also very wise and they are great at pickng up new talent so i am sure they could bring in a running back and wide receiver that could be even better than those that are injured.

They develop receivers as good as anyone "


in recent years so they likely have others

WOW, this is major. Although I beleive somehow the Als will have backup's that step right in and they won't miss a thing. Also, sure are Glad we held onto Avon.