Injuries from Labour Day

It appears as if Bradley, Johnson, and Hudson will be on the "shelf" for a few games.

What do you anticipate will happen with the lineup? Obviously Jimenez is a gimme for the tackle spot.

I wonder if is the same knee that messed up George a few years ago?

I also have a feeling Bo Smith will be back shortly.

Your thoughts?

No big deal really, but that's what is special about this Ticat team. We have excellent depth, where players can step into the line-up in a seamless transition (kudos to Obie). Jimenez will take over for Belton Johnson at OT, Brian Ramsay will probably take Hudson's spot as the back-up O-lineman and Heyward will take over for Bradley as he's already done earlier this season. The best part is that we won't skip a beat.

While agreeing with all that's said above, I think the unanswered question is who will take the back-up DB spot which has recently been Heyward -- Shannon James or Ryan Hinds? I suggest more likely is the return Bo Smith who'll take that spot or maybe even start on the corner, ahead of Heyward.

Bo wont be starting unless someone else gets hurt.

I agree. If Bo comes back to the team (and why wouldn't he if he gets cut from the NFL), he has not spent any time with the team this year, and will be a couple of weeks before he gets a chance to fit in and start.

As posted, Jimenez will come off the IR for Johnson, and one of Ramsay, Morencie, (both scratches last week) or DeWitt (currently on IR) will step in for Hudson. Heyward will take Bradley's spot on the corner, but who takes the extra DB spot is a bit of a question. Shannon James is listed as an LB, but I believe can play as a DB if necessary. Hinds is currently listed on the 9 day IR (to protect him from being scooped off the PR), should be available, and is a rookie Non-Import. Bo has currently not been signed.

Although we should be able to fill in pretty well, this leaves the team a little more vulnerable. Hopefully these injuries will be short ones. Hudson appears to be out for a while, but Bradley may only be out briefly based on Drew's report in the scratching post. I hope we come through the next game with fewer injuries ... the bye week was last week.