Injuries for the Argo game look to be in our favour

[i]While the Ticats are facing a couple of injury-related concerns, things are worse over in Argoland.

Offensive linemen Brian Ramsay and Jeff Keeping, who were injured against Edmonton last Friday, are done for the year. Ramsay has a torn ligament in his left knee and requires surgery while Keeping suffered a dislocation of his left shoulder. Former McMaster product Chris Van Zeyl and Mark DeWit will start in place of Ramsay and Keeping this week.

For the Cats, running back and kick returner Terry Caulley won't play Friday night and starting free safety Sandy Beveridge remains questionable[/i]


No excuse for a lack of a pass rush now. Missing two starting offensive lineman could make all the difference. Let's hope.

Those guys looked totally lost when thrown into the mix after losing Ramsay and Keeping, hopefully Greg Marshall watched that film and tries to attack the newbies. We need sacks badly.

How about putting Cobb in to return kicks? :cowboy:

MassDestruction, lets keep the RB's legs "fresh" and likewise the returners.

You can ask too much of a guy, and I'd almost want Cobb running effectively on the offense than giving some spectacular return (naw, they'd kick the ball away from him, and he'd have all those lactose acids weakening his legs, from trying to block)...

But you are right, and Obie would kill for a great return guy, as witness his online "Ask Obie" show today.

I honestly think we have a shot at whalloping the Blue J*bs tomorrow; there's a revenge motive, after two losses this year, as well as achieving a goal in ascending to to playoffs.

Note that AC is looking to play on Sunday vs Wpg.

Lets pray for a win tomorrow night, because it will be much easier than beating "Gang Green" in the next week and then just "douse" the Bombers in the season ender.

Two games of Wpg vs Mtl, and people could get "dinged" on either side...AC already has a sore calf...KG beat them in an Eastern final before, he can do it again...

Just a question of "who might be the crossover team" (that we need to beat) to get into an Eastern Final?

Tough couple weeks coming up.

Dylan Barker in lieu of Sand Bev....Dylan can hit like a "Hitch", but again I worry about who will replace him on ST's?

Looking forward to the Friday night game!

Injuries or not I think we have learned we are not ever favoured aginst any team this year. Especially the Argo's

Good point.

Maybe losing twice to the Argos was a good thing, in that regard.

Plenty of starters play special teams as well, Sandy Beveridge has been all year.