Injuries. excuse or factor....

The same thing was said and asked last year when there were an inordinate number of 1st-string quarterbacks. Injuries happen. Law of averages says that sometimes they will happen in bunches. I'm not going to overanalyze it myself.

My stand on this is that a team -- players, coaches, etc. -- should NEVER make ANY excuses for losing, because it's really just an attempt to deflect criticism away from themselves. One of the worst excuses a team can use is the officiating; Dave Ritchie was probably the worst offender on that.

As fans, I think we should try not to make excuses for our team losing. While it's legitimate to say something like "The Riders are struggling right now due to injuries", I hate to hear (or read) statements like "The Riders would have won if so-and-so hadn't been hurt."

What about the guys on the day to day injury list, I count at least 6 guys that have been starters this season, Bake, Heard, Clovis, Hughes, Parenteau and William (these are guys listed for the Labour Day game as injured). Plus a few others that have been out for multiple games, such as Dressler.

well, we saw an injured player have the opposite affect. As in the Eskimo game after Tuckers injury. That lit a fire under the Esks thats for sure.