Injuries. excuse or factor....

Quite frankly I dont know why people say dont use injuries as an "excuse". Saying your team (whichever one it is) has a lot of injuries and it makes it easier for another team to beat you is not an excuse in my opinion. Its really just a fact. I agree depth is important, but there is not a possiblity of endless depth especially in a league that does not have a huge salary margin. I agree that if your starter QB is injured the other team can take advantage of that (and often does), same can be said for any position.
I mean after all, teams want the best player they can get for a reason. If several of your best players are incapacited, your team will suffer. What you really have to do at that point is try to mitigate your damage and ride it out.

From a coaching / GM / team standpoint, you're in the business of selling tickets. You can't point towards injuries when talking about losses because in a way, you are saying you cannot be competative unless you have everyone healthy. It says the message of: Don't bother coming to the game, our teams injured, and we're not going to win.

It's also the backup's job, as a professional player, to step in and contribute when he's called upon. If he can't perform at his job, there really is no reason for him to be there.

We're fans ... we can analyze the reality of the situation. Injuries affect the game's outcome. Not all men are created equal.

Any teams job is 2 fold. play to your strenghts and exploit your opponents weaknesses.
A beat up team just needs to look harder for the other teams weaknesses.
That being said, I still think any team, on any given game day, has the potential to win.
This has been a really exciting year as far as I am concerned.

Injuries are not an excuse, unless its the riders, then they are completely valid. :wink:

I think there is a line that can be crossed. Every team has injuries, some get hit hard, some don't. Some get hit really hard. I don't ever think it is an excuse for a loss, but sometimes it is a contributing factor. People who say differently are dillusional. Kevin Glenn getting hurt last year was not the reason the Bombers lost in the Grey Cup, but it was a contributing factor. They still probably would have lost (hehehe) but maybe it would have happened in a different way.

ok 1 injury maybe.. but when you have 6 Receivers out???

come on now! you have your worst of your receivers in the lineup! (except Dressler) and you're saying that it's not an excuse? it sure the hell is! you do that to the Edmonton Eskimos, or Calgary Stampeders and see how well they do!!!!

when you lose 3/4 of your starting squad in the receiving core, you are going to suffer!

But your team is the defending Grey Cup champs. They're SUPPOSED to do better than other teams in the same circumstances.

But even with 6 receivers out, that's only 3 or 4 starters. The drop-off between a proven CFL starter to the backup is pretty big, but the drop-off in talent between the backup and an injury replacement brought in from a 7-11 in Arkansas isn't as big.

But AFAIK, the rest of the Riders (Defense, O-Line, RB, QB) have been pretty healthy. OK, some QB issues, but considering that the "starting" QB was just released, I don't think his injury counts.

The Eskimos are without:
a starting all-star DE (Perry)
a starting all-star WR (Tucker)
a starting all-star Canadian OL (Comisky)
a starting Canadian DL (Braidwood)
a starting DB (Williams)

That's 5 starters, 3 are all-stars. The Esks are plugging little holes all over the place, but I haven't heard a single Eskies fan say "We would have won if we didn't have so many injuries" or "Look at the depth and character, we won even with all the injuries"

And the best player on each team (Ray and Cates) are healthy, so I think its a fair comparison. Only receivers getting injured is weird, but IMO the Esks are just as much or more affected by injuries.

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There is a difference between making excuses for losing, and having reasons for losing.
If I say we lost because of injuries, that is making an excuse. If I say we lost because we were outplayed and because we aren't good enough, that is giving a reason. If we aren't good enough because we have injuries, so be it--but the bottom line is WE AREN"T GOOD ENOUGH. All teams have injuries. But you don't lose because of them. You lose because your team did not have enough depth to deal with those injuries, or enough mental toughness to deal with those injuries or a good enough work ethic to deal with those injuries. That is why teams lose.
But they never lose because of injuries.

Mpst teams have at least one ca[able back-up in each position. The difference between the riders and the eskimos is that while both have sustancial injuries, is that the #2 guy for the esks can step in, while with the riders the #3 guys, or #3 guy cannot step in because they also are injured. Arius's explanation eplains that to some degree.

the esks only have 5 guys out..

Riders have 3 times that many!

The Esks first off, have a Great QB.. and 3 receivers that are still bonafide players!

all of the Riders bonafide Receivers are out right now!

and they (to this point) have no QB!

BIG difference!

you take out Tucker and then Stamps and Peterson.. then we'll see how well they do...

Wow Arius is there not going to be another thread where we will ever disagree. Again Arius is right no doubt about it. Now I have to go back to my Dr Phil appointment.

we weren't good enough because we were missing our team.

When are we going to stop hearing the whine of a rider fan? :lol:

wow this was actually a pretty intelligent and mature conversation until you came along :roll:

The Riders have 13 players on the 9 game injury list:

Acree, Berman, Chick, Dominguez, Fantuz, Flick, Getzlaf, Johnson, McKoy, Mitchell, Morin-Roberge, Scott, Tate.

As far as I can tell, only they guys in bold are 1st string material. Most of the rest are rookies and Tate is a QB. Probably the 4th string QB after Bishop, Jyles and Durant.

The Eskies have 6 on the 9 game list, 5 of which are starters. The point is that the Riders have the same number of seriously injured starters as the Eskimos, but Eskimo fans rarely mention their injuries.

Backups are backups because they aren’t good enough to start. Once a starter goes down, that position is vulnerable. There is a significant drop-off in talent and/or experience between the starter and the backup. A backup good enough to be interchangeable with the starter is a luxury that few teams have at any position.

Yes I know I just thought I would make a dumb statement on this. But you have to admit the subject matter is getting old. We do know that the riders have had their fill of injuries.

Yeah i know it is getting old, Ive never used it as an excuse anyway I try not to even mention the injuries. I am getting very tired of rider fans talking about the injuries.

You know, my Alouettes' secondary has been ravaged by injury this season, yet it doesn't get any media play. I don't mind. I just find it rather amusing when fans keep on talking about their teams' injuries.

We started the season out with the following projected lineup:

Sanchez (CB)
Cox (DB)
Proulx (S)
Drew (DB)
Estelle (CB)

Proulx was injured before the season started, came back, then promptly got injured again. At safety alone, we've had Proulx, Boulay, Smith, Masson, and Wright at one point or another. Estelle missed almost two months with a shoulder injury, replaced by Kizer. Now Drew, our best cover man, is gone for the rest of the season. Sanchez went down in last night's game; his replacement, Woldu, ALSO got knocked out, forcing us to play Boulay, a natural safety, at cornerback against one of the best crop of receivers in the league.

But nobody, not one media pundit outside of Montreal, has even MENTIONED the abnormal number of injuries we've had to deal with in our secondary. I don't really care, because injuries are part of the game and aren't an excuse for losing.

Smilin’ Hank stubbed his toe, Joffery Reynolds is having back spasms, Nik Lewis has a rib injury.

Calgary loses and their 2nd string offence is ineffective.

I actually was not only talking about the Riders, but about injuries as a whole. Just making an observation, not an excuse.
But, really, is it just me, or do a lot of big names on a lot of teams seem to be injured this year? Is it a problem with conditioning?