Injuries - Calgary game

It looks like that Chick has been injured again as well as Grant and Walker. Not sure of Chick’s injury (maybe shoulder) but Grant (abdominal strain) and Walker (collar bone ligament??) are doubtful for next game. I sure hope that we can get a couple of receivers back off the injured list.

Have no fear, Darian Durrant is here. We are so fortunate too have a QB like DD. No amount of injuries or inexperience at receiver shall matter…because DD will subdue the enemy with his intelligence…

If only they would let him play.

While I sense some (a lot?) of sarcasm there, the funny part is, you are correct---despite yourself....

Ok seriously, the guy had a few good games at the beginning of the year and shown nothing since. He is a decent QB but he is not the future. Not saying that any of our QB have been stellar but DD will not be the QB we need in the playoffs. I think we ve seen this episode before it was called ROCKY BUTLER.

Rocky had one start, and it was about the same as Bishop's labour day performance. Just enough to not lose and let the defence win.

Durant, actually had the offence performing, and had the offence looking good, for the first time in a long time. Even Joseph did more of "just enough not to lose" than he did of making the offence look good.

I expect to see Durant, Cates, Flick, Dressler, Getzlaf, Palmer, and Bagg this weekend.

With Flick, Dressler, and Cates as weapons, and Bishop's poor performance Monday, I expect they'll go with Durant. Let him build some confidance against Hamilton. Put him to the test against Edmonton. On that, decide our playoff QB, and start him against Toronto.

Ok, seriously? The guy hasn't played so how is he supposed to "show" anything. And mopping up the mess Bishop left this week isn't a fair shot for any qB. In his only other action, that was his first game back after going through injury and not playing for two months, and while he didn't play well, he played as well as Bishop, maybe better. And gave us a chance to win that game. And at 26 years of age, it is time to see what he's got. with Bishop, we apparently know exactly what we have---the same poor play he has exhibited through the previous 7 years of his career. A young QB with limited experience isn't going to light it up every week. But as long as he manages the game like he is supposed to, he is likely to get better. I think much better.
And comparing him to Rocky Butler is silly. Rocky had a number of starts in this league and not once did he put up the kind of numbers Durant did. For that matter, Bishop has never had any games where he looked as good as DD did in his couple of starts. Seriously? If you are going to sink or swim with a QB, you might as well do it with a guy with some upside, and a few years left on his "best before date". We dumped Marcus for playing the way Bishop has, and we traded KJ because he was "too old". Bishop will be 33 next year--one year younger than KJ was when we dumped him and after 10 years as a pro he is still living off the hype of finishing 2nd in the Heissman voting.... now that can't be taken seriously...

Back to the topic of injuries. Rod Pedersen spoke with Ivan Gutfriend.

[url=] ... r-411.html[/url]
You can add to the injured list:
  • DE John Chick, shoulder, possibly out two games.
  • WR Corey Grant, sternum, possibly out two to three games.
  • WR Gerran Walker, undisclosed injuries, doubtful this

Some of this information has been gathered from my Monday
chat with team therapist Ivan Gutfriend but there's some
new information as well:

  • SB Adam Nicolson is expected back in two weeks for the
    Edmonton game.
  • RB Wes Cates, who's missed the past three games with a
    lower leg injury, is possible for this week but will more
    likely return for the Edmonton game.
  • WR Matt Dominguez will practice this week and staff hopes
    to have him back this week, or more probably, against
    Edmonton. Although there's still an outside chance he
    could play against the Ticats.
  • SB Andy Fantuz – same as Matt.
  • SB D.J. Flick will practice this week, as he has for the
    past several, and get a real hard look from the coaching
    staff. Ken Miller is hoping to have one of the three of
    Flick, Fantuz or Dominguez back for this game and
    plans/prays to have all three in the lineup for the
    Edmonton game.
  • LB Anton McKenzie will practice, but likely won't return
    until the game against the Eskimos.
  • OG Mike Abou-Mechrek is expected back this week after
    missing the Calgary game with a minor groin injury.
  • C Jeremy O'Day has had surgery to repair his MCL and is
    expected back for the playoffs at some point.

Well you will get to see what durant can do before the end of the reg season, probably next game. If he can get one win in any of the next few games..I owe you a coke.

BTW KJ was traded because he wanted more $ not because he was too old.

Well you will get to see what durant can do before the end of the reg season, probably next game. If he can get one win in any of the next few games..I owe you a coke.

BTW KJ was traded because he wanted more $ not because he was too old.

You must have saw a different press conference than I did then. ET very clearly stated that if KJ was younger, he may have paid him the money. eT gave a lot of reasons to justify that trade. Money was only one of them. All of them were bogus.
KJ was under contract--make him play it out. Guys in their option year often find ways to play great, because then the next contract tends to be a good one.
Anyway, I hope to have a chance to collect that coke. I am not certain we will see Durant play though.