Injuries at Calgary

In addition to the badly bruised team pride .........
Kirk out on the first series with a leg injury, didn't return, as far as I know.
Matt Carter in the 2nd quarter. Not sure what or whether or not he returned.
Bo Smith, achilles issue. Looked like he's probably done for the season.
Barker with just over a minute left in the game. Not sure what or how bad.
Cobb nicked an ankle at the end of the first half, but continued.
Were there any others?

While the loss of Smith will be of little concern to most contributors to this forum, it will be of great concern to the coaching staff. Kirk has played well and using him in the DL rotation has certainly contributed to the recent successes of the rushers. Carter, with the exception of Bauman's one outstanding game, has been our best back-up receiver. If Barker was to miss time, it makes the secondary depth pretty thin with the other injuries among that crew.

I'll update the Sick Bay thread throughout the week, Ott. For a "meaningless" game, it was taking an injury toll on our club!

Oski Wee Wee,


The silver lining, if Smith is done for the season, is that they can now put Tisdale back out on that corner where he belongs; I believe Tisdale is far more effective on the corner than he is at HB.

I disagree, Tisdale has rarely been beat the past 4 games at half, yet he had quite a few bad games at corner. IMO Tisdale is our best cover guy so he needs to be the shortside HB.

What scares is me that they might move Tisdale back to corner and put Shivers back in at halfback, and that gives me nightmares.

I was asleep before the 2nd half. I had no idea. That really stinks about Bo. The last thing we need right now is the loss of ANOTHER DB

I’m liking Ellis Lankster to take his spot.Bo Smith SUCKSSSSSSSSSSS.

Bo Smith used to suck. In fact I even wondered what he had got that look see from the Jets. I was very happy that he was signed by them, thinking that it really improved our team. My brother-in-law who knows front office people with the team, said that they were very high on him. Neither of us could figure out why last year. Whenever the opposing team made a long pass completion it always seemed to be on 7 and 9's side of the field.

After his return this year, I was pleasantly surprised at how well he looked back at short side CB. Granted, he still has been beat, but his overall game in coverage and tackles is a delight to watch. I'm very sorry for his injury and hope for a speedy recovery. :thup: :thup: :thup:

I was the founder of the “Bo Smith Sucks Club” last season. I was happy as all get out when he signed with Jets (and equally had no idea why they liked him) and was upset that he was cut and came back.

However, like you mentioned, he seems to have improved, especially his tackling. He still does get beat, but his time in Jersey seems to have helped him in regards to tackling. This isn’t a huge loss, but it’s not something I was hoping for because his play had been surprisingly decent since his return.