Injuries? Anyone??


Why isn't there an easy, focused way to get
UPDATED extensive Injury News in the CFL ?

This site and the TSN site barely tells
you anything...and I end up scouring the
web for localized team articles just to
find out if last week's starters are still
starters this week.

Of course, my interest in injury reports
has absolutely nothing to do with the fact
that I am in a CFL Fantasy League. Not at all.



…my left knee is a little sore…but I’m otherwise good to go…

I certainly appreciate the help ...

but Ssk WR Weston Dressler, for example,
who started last week in place of DJ Flick,
doesn't appear on these "formal" injury reports...
even though local Ssk articles are saying
that he is definitely out this week,
and maybe next week, with a hamstring pull.

Oh well.

the thing is that the team does not have to list them until either they add someone to the roster or submit the 46 (or put them on the 9 game)

My back hurts, but I attribute that to old age, but I'm ready to go. :lol: :lol:

my first thought when I saw the title was

No thanks.

Sorry guys i got turf toe so i must regretfully announce my retirement......sorry thought i was Marcus Crandell there....

Worst part is i'm a rider fan lol

sorry, but no gangarine allowed in the conversation :stuck_out_tongue:

My apologies :oops: thought i was in a different forum haha

Robert Bean is out for the Bombers with a hand injury, so I wouldn't take any BC receivers this week. :wink:

The Bombers placed Matt Sheridan on the 9 game IR, even though he was practicing today ? Still haven't quite figured that move out yet. :wink: