Injuries and Unused or Under Utilized Player's

Yes this is my first post with a new user name as i cannot remember which email address i used to register my old account, therefore i could not log in to my old account (blue&gold4ever), but regardless i am back!! :rockin:

I thought i would bring up a topic about all the injuries and would also like Bomber fans opinions about player's either under used or not used at all, including PR player's!! Now we played great against the Eskies and The Stamp game will surely be a test for alot of these guys which i hope they pass, this topic is in no way a "Call For Changes", just if some player's "burn out" we need to know the options.

First the injury situation in Bomberland ---- Of course there is the obvious injured player's:

OLINE INJURIES- January and Donnelly both on the 9 game, rumour is January is done for the season and will be missed on the oline come the final 1-2 months, Donnelly is another starter that is surely missed ..... Granted the Oline is doing an okay job, but i believe Douglas and Morley need to improve even more and Morley needs to stop taking dumb penalties.

OLINE SOLUTIONS ---- If any of the new player's such as Douglas or Butler seem to tire out plus Douglas and Morley seem to be hurting more than helping the oline at this point. What do you guys think of putting Fritz and maybe Greaves or Kowalczuk in there? I strongly believe that Fritz should be a starter and Greaves and CK should get an opportunity to see what he can do and the plus Fritz, CG and CK are NI!!

OBVIOUS QB INJURY ---- This is Bucks offense and Jyles did an admireable job against the ESKS, Seems Jyles will start again against the Stamps, it will be a bigger test for Jyles against the Stamps, hope he comes to play because as good a job as he did this past week, simply put the Eskies suck and The Stamps are much better, especially on the back end, he needs to minimize the INTS and not make bad reads like he did against the Esks on the first INT anyway's (right to glatt), i like SJ and will continue to support him!!

Secondary ---- Seems like Suber and Logan are ready to go, again we played great against the Esks and the Defense sure came to play ...... Hopkins looks like a keeper (he will play in cowtown) and Dorian Smith may be in tough to get his job back once healthy. Marcellus Bowman is injured more than the BB'S are letting on (rumour is a broken hand) and this means Charlton and Lobendahn will have another LB by there side, who should replace Bowman? and it cannot be Gallant as he will be on the 9 game within 1 day or 2 .... My opinion is Doggett or Courtney Smith, i alway's liked Doggett and i also like Smiths play. The DB'S and CB'S are fine as long as Donald Brown is not in there, Suber and Logan will help big time here, Stewart and Kent seem to be improving more with each game, so with Suber back who sits? And if any DB shows signs of fatigue i would sure like to see Beasley on the roster (instead of Donald Brown), Glover and Johnson are starting to play great on the corner's (no changes needed at CB), we still miss Craver though!!

DLINE ---- I am pleased with Hopkins, Brown, Hunt, Willis and the 2 O'S in rotation and when Dorian Smith is healthy (which could be awhile according to reports) LaPo has some tough choices to make, we need to see if Hopkins is the real deal against the Stamps and beyond though, just my opinion!! If it comes down to it i would like to see Remond Willis come off the PR to play end IF god forbid something should happen to Hunt or Hopkins!!

RECIEVERS ------- I am very happy with the play of TJ Harris and Edwards, Ralph and Bowman showed better against the Esks (even though i am still not a fan of the recievers running the ball out of the backfield) bad Mike Kelly memories, but at least they execute it a whole lot better this season <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: --> ...... Still where is Bowman as a reciever, still seems to be M.I.A!! Did Watson even play against the Esks, didnt see him or even hear his name for that matter, Howell and Davis are listed on the Active Roster, yet i have not seen either line up at reciever, Hargreaves NEEDS to play more and the QB`S need to throw to him more, great size and his sideline catches are awesome, great player under utilized!!

RB`S ----- Reid can get the Job done, but where the heck is Bernard, with both out there for certain plays would only open up the passing game more, we should start using the 2 back system sometimes like other teams are doing, Bernard is another great player who has NOT EVEN seen the ball this regular season, whatz up with that


GO BOMBERS :rockin:

bombers oline will be fine, its revamped, reid has done fine, has a high yards per carry avg..

gotta give the oline a few more games to gel, they are protecting the qb better than most teams are.