Injuries already!!!!

Makowsky out 3-4 weeks and Rey williams went down twice kornegay went down once anyone im missing????

Rey had cramps and Kornegay was big deal.

Geno's injury sucks though.

Tamon George, Jamie Boreham

That's too bad Geno got hurt but hopefully he won't be back until AFTER the Riders play the Argos on July 11. Go Blue!

With Smith and Makowsky out on the O-Line, and Hughes and Cates on the injured list -- The riders may be interested in some of these last-minute cuts.

Hey, can you add 'cuz he won't be back until July 25 against Edmonton and that's @ the earliest, god you Torontonians are sooooooo dumb!


Chill out He was offering some sympathy

You couldn't tell Douce was joking? LOL! Horrible sense of humor and, who needs to chill?

No unfortunately my computer cannot recognize sarcasm but obviously yours can. that or you have "feelings" for douce and get deeply offended when i tell him to chill out