Injuries Adding Up !!!!

8) According to the Spec this morning, it appears almost certain that Casey, Jesse, and most likely Tony Miles will will not play this week !!

Not good news at all !!

Some good news, Matt Robichaud and Jykine Bradley are expected to play !!

If they’re going to have any chance at all with those injuries, the D will have to do it. Of the 3, JL will be missed most. There’s no other RB on the roster close to him.

An Argo-Cat fan

Hopefully all these reps for WIlliams will make him better and better.

Arguably the team was worse off last week vs. MTL with more starters out. At least this week they get Bradley and Robichaud back.
Why Kenny thinks the injury situation, which has been a factor for weeks now, is news-worthy THIS week is anyone’s guess.

having bradley and robichaud back will really help us this week.

Can't be a surprise to anyone.

Casey, Jesse, and Miles all came into the season with questions about their durability.

With a good game plan. We can beat the Blue team. We have a suitable back up in Williams. With Caulley and Tre Smith we have good running backs. Hopefully they come in to the game with something to prove. They both didnt play well against Calgary. Having Bradley back is good news, we needed him back. Its too bad about Miles but we do have other good receivers.

Taaffe and Co. are going to have to come well prepared and maybe use a little imagination in their play calling. But we do have a shot at this game without Printers and Lumsden.

I think none of this matters as much as the play of the defensive line primarily, and the offensive line secondarily.

As much as the Dline and O line have been maligned this year. I think they can hold their own against T.O.

I really do believe, if the coaches can come up with a good game plan and adjust throughout the game, we have a shot.

And, based on performance so far, that is one big IF.