Anyone know if any of these gays have a chance of playing in the eastern playoff game :


I know Jamal will be ready and is just resting . We have gotten so very thin a non import receiver now with Mckay and Carter out

Marcel says Carter could be back for playoffs.

NOTES: Bellefeuille said Canadian receiver Glen MacKay is done for the year after hurting his foot against Saskatchewan and leaving the Ticats without a third Canadian receiver against Toronto, though Matt Carter (concussion) is expected back in time for the playoffs. ... The Ticats won’t know their first-round playoff opponent until late Saturday night and, while Bellefeuille said advance notice would have been nice, they’ll get a jump start anyway. “The advantage to playing Thursday is we can do some preparatory work on both teams.? ... There is, however, a disadvantage of playing two games in six days. “It’s a big deal from the perspective that the new guys playing haven’t got a lot of reps.

8) any of these gays ?? :lol:

Dyakowski is on the injured list and not on the depth chart for the Argo game.

Hopefully he'll play in the EDSF

I would really like Turenne and Collins back for the EDSF. Those guys have a great sense of awareness and really make a difference.

I'd definitely like Turenne back.
In the two games he played he looked like the best of all our cover guys all year.
Didn't see enough of Collins, but I think that Thomas has done a good enough job at safety that we'll be okay there if Collins isn't back.

...not that there's anything wrong with that :wink:

Good news, Marcel says Dyakowski will be ready for playoffs! :thup:

[b]You can add Pete Dyakowski to the list of Ticat starters who will sit against the Argos in order to ensure they are as healthy as possible heading into the playoffs.

The offensive guard will join running back Avon Cobourne, linebacker Rey Williams and receiver Marcus Thigpen on the sidelines and Bellefeuille said a decision has been made to keep them in street clothes.

“All those guys could have played and if you had them dressed, there's always the possibility they could end up in the game and we wanted to make sure that didn't happen,? Bellefeuille said.[/b]