Injured players deserve to be at the game!

I never even used the word sidelines. I said be doesn't allow undressed players on the bench.

"it's been obvious since late 2008 when MB took over that he doesn't allow undressed players on the bench with the team"

Yeah but you see them in the end zone, by the entrance to the dressing room... There is a way to manage it. At a thousand bucks a pop on average it certainly makes sense during the season but in the playoff, especially the Grey Cup you would hope they would get to take part.

The bench area can get pretty congested as it is. It's counter productive to have a bunch of people that have no role at that moment to just be in the way. 42 players, at least half the coaches plus the training, equipment and medical staff. The amount that needs to be there is almost too much.

The point is injured and/or reserve players are on the sidelines just out of the way of the active players.

For an out of town playoff game I think it's reasonable to bring some reserves in case of a freak accident or illness.

Caretaker wrote:"We care a lot for all our players, particularly those injured playing their hearts out for the Tiger-Cats.

But winning in the playoffs is very difficult.

Not taking injured and other non-dressing Tiger-Cats to away games is not necessarily about saving money. It is also about allowing those players who are dressing for the game, and for the coaches, to prepare for the game with the fewest possible distractions. All the Ticats who are not dressing for a playoff game understand this as much as anyone."

I don't agree with this sentiment. So if you are preparing for a very important home game it is OK to have injured or reserve players around but on the road it is not manageable? Where is the logic or commitment to the TEAM as a whole in this?

You definitely can set ground rules for the non-players and have them firmly commit to them. After all, they have future contracts to think about too. Don't you believe that they want the team to win just as much as anyone else? To suggest that a non-dressing player would take the team down by partying with an active player is ludicrous.

If anything, in my own opinion only, I see this as a message that a non-participant is not worth the expense and can't be trusted to act in the best interest of the team.

You certainly can put these guys in a separate area away from the bench. I also agree that you can get bit in the backside if a starter goes down just before the game.

Lastly, this just isn't an away game - it's the most important game we will play in the last ten years! Surely the guys that brought you to the dance are worth having around! Dedication to the team is a two way street. You can't ask these guys to sacrifice their bodies and minds and then leave them behind justified by some vague excuses.

And it’s not necessarily about not saving money… :wink:

It’s looks cheap IMO

It is a team policy.
There are 43 players on the sidelines already, maybe thats as many as they want!
Accusing our Caretaker of "looking cheap" after his generosity of investing $Millions into this team and his charitities is unacceptable

Caretaker is not cheap. If more people showed up to games maybe this wouldn't be an issue. My concern is what if someone gets injured/illness?

In a perfect world, the team would pay for the flight
and a room in Montreal for the injured the players

but in the world of the CFL the cost of doing that
is likely what prevented that from happening.


Marcel said publicly he does not believe in allowing non-dressed players standing around
where the coaches, medical staff active players are doing business at Ivor Wynne Stadium

likely because one or all of them could present a distraction.

Perhaps he should have said in general because some posters
have seen non-dressed players standing around off to the side.

and because he allowed Marwan, and Augie to be there
as respected veteran players helping with coaching.

Well, I took zen's advice and looked past the tip of my nose to recall seeing non-dressed players on the sidelines, yet not in the bench area. I understand that to be with the team which is the subject of this thread.

If the team were to splurge on the injured players I suggest flying them to the GC on game day in order to avoid the temptations of Tigertown, Spirit of Edm, etc.

The Roxy is where it happens in Vancouver
A player could get into alot of trouble in a place like that!
NHL road teams call it the ROXY effect!

Lots of great things to do and see in Vancouver. Just stay out of the NE downtown area and you'll be good. It's a small part of the downtown notoriously known as the downtown east side. You need to get near that area to see Chinatown but not many drug addicts stray into it.

Not that your life is in danger in the DTES at all.. it's just a sketchy area. Nothing pretty to see and no good places to go. Just druggies and prostitution. There is kind of an unwritten rule they have with the cops here that if they stay in that area they won't be pestered as much by the cops. It's rare to see one of them stray more than a block outside the area.

Stay west of Cambie, south of Pender and east of Main. The whole area can be driven through in about 7 min it's so small. The parks north of the DTES are even worse as thats where most of the muggings take place. Chinatown is right on the southern border of this area. Not trying to scare anyone. Just stay out of that very small and very sketchy area and you're sure to have a great time here. I actually find the Regent Park area of Toronto more scary.

Since the GC is coming I just wanted to share that for anyone making the trip here.

Forgot to add that BC Place is only a 10 min walk from that area so as to warn any that stray over that way while going for a walk.

The only thing that bugged me about that area was the old Chinese lady in the restaurant who laughed at me for practising with chopsticks. And then again when she saw the amount of hot sauce I put on my food. So I took a bite and added more hot sauce.

My original post didn’t say anything about having the injured players in the bench area, it simply said they should be brought to the playoff games. As far as the cost factor goes, does the team pay for each player and equipment to the airline or do they charter a plane at one cost?

They take regular consumer flights like you or I. Obviously they would take up a large chunk of the seats but they are mixed in with regular flyers.

thanks Zen

Chinatown is right on the border of the sketchy area I'm talking about as is Gastown but they are not part of what is considered the DTES. If you had went a couple blocks north of Chinatown you would see what I mean.