Injured players deserve to be at the game!

In the regular season I can see the reasoning behind not bringing the whole team to each game. The cost would be crazy, but a playoff game is different. I fully understand why Stevie Baggs could not play in the game in Montreal, but he and the others should have been there. Not watching the game from home or a Hamilton bar. THAT SUCKS JUST LIKE THE ARGOS!!!
It's a team sport, and the whole team got us to Winnipeg so everyone should be there.

Agree 100%. It's the playoffs! It's a TEAM sport and these guys have gotten the Cats into the playoffs by contributing to winning in the regular season!

It would be a lack of class from the organization not to have the entire team there.

No, the team is losing money and you have to try to reduce costs where you can. Why bring players that you can't use, it's a waste of money, this is not the NFL. If players want to pay their own way then okay.

Pay their own way??? They paid their own way by helping the team get to where they are.

When you factor that every team sends pretty much their entire staff, owners. BOD to the GC. There is no reason for injured players not to be included.

We care a lot for all our players, particularly those injured playing their hearts out for the Tiger-Cats.

But winning in the playoffs is very difficult.

Not taking injured and other non-dressing Tiger-Cats to away games is not necessarily about saving money. It is also about allowing those players who are dressing for the game, and for the coaches, to prepare for the game with the fewest possible distractions. All the Ticats who are not dressing for a playoff game understand this as much as anyone.

My thoughts exactly.

All valid points. Add to this that it's been obvious since late 2008 when MB took over that he doesn't allow undressed players on the bench with the team. Even for home games you can see all the practice roster and injured players huddled in by the tunnel where the team runs out.

Hage (to help DeWitt) and Otis Floyd (on the day they honored him) have been the only people I have seen the coach allow on the sidelines during a game.

People need to see past the tip of their nose to understand things.

That’s strange. I thought it was common to see injured or PR players on the sidelines at home games. Can anyone confirm if this is a MB policy?

Sorry, Bob. I believe that this is one of those sports myths that has an enduring presence on some teams. It's sort of like the ban on sexual relations during the week before a game that used to be so common. I am unaware of any research on this point and the anecdotal evidence points in both directions. Sometimes an injured player on the sidelines is an inspiration, sometimes it's a distraction.

Although we are dealing with human psychology here and so it is innately non-logical, logic suggests that the key point would be the actions of the players who ARE sidelined. Simple "rules of engagement" prior and during the game would surely take away most/all of the element of distraction while recognizing the human value of the players.

My biggest concern is that the team doesn't seem to send the four-man reserve to the game. What would have happened if [knock wood] Hickman had had a freak accident during warm-up on Sunday? There would not have been enough time to get Baggs up from Hamilton to allow him to take Hickman's spot, and we would have been playing without either of our starting DEs.

Or am I mistaken? Was Baggs flown into Montreal for the game, but just not visible?

As zenstate pointed out, that is definitely Marcel's policy and it is a good one.

Bad things can happen when non-dressed players are behind the bench

such as a player not noticing that it's time for him to be out on the field.


Regarding this matter only, Mark.

Simple "rules of engagement" prior and during the game would surely take away most/all of the element of distraction.
Whether the coaches tell the players what the rules are or not,

Some player will break one of those rules one day
at the wrong time leading to serious consequences.

Maybe another situation like the "too many men on the field" penalty
which caused the Saskatchewan Roughriders to lose that Grey Cup.

Regarding bring non-active players on the road.

For what it is worth

Since they aren't playing some of them will go out and party
and they might influence a player who is playing to join them.

I am just saying.

Behind the bench, yes, I agree bad things can happen. However, we're talking about injured and reserve players being with the team at either home or away games. It's not something I pay attention to, but I seem to recall injured and reserve players being on the sidelines for games, thus with the team.

On Williams's first touchdown, there's a picture of him and a number of injured players doing the "Bruce pose". They were on the sidelines in the endzone, not behind the bench. But that was a home game, so not quite the same situation.

I can understand the possibility of distraction, but I still wonder about the risk of not bringing along the reserve players for away games just in case. Especially in the playoffs.

I remember reading in an article about Auggie that the coach liked him so much that he was one of the only injured players to be allowed on the sidelines. Here is the link....

[url=] ... -otas.html[/url]
My sense is that Bellefeuille likes Barrenechea and appreciates what he brings to the table off the field: he was the only injured player I've ever seen Bellefeuille allow on the sidelines on game day, and it happened because Marcel thought Auggie to be a defacto coach, particularly on special teams.
I thought I read that vets had the option of travelling with the team when they were injured but maybe that's just the MTL and TOR games. I think it's good team building and that some of those guys have contributed to our success so I think it would be nice if we could bring them. Guess it doesn't really make much difference either way though.

I'll bet they were wearing official Tiger Cats Sidelines gear.

Then again, anyone "behind the bench" at IWS would be in Box J, possibly in un-official Tiger Cats kilts.

It would seem prudent to bring reserve players to an away playoff game. What if a player cuts his foot on a swinging door or something unexpected like that?

If you dressed for a game this year and are injured or not playing this week because of ratio or some other reason, you should be with the team in Winnipeg because no matter how small your contribution had something to do with getting the team where it is today.
The idea of these players being a distraction, is bogus. They can contribute in many ways without distracting what prepartions are being made.
Bottom line the only reason they won't be there is because of the cost. That's how I see it

I'm sensing we're talking about two separate areas of the sidelines. If Auggie is being groomed as a future coach (take that OShea) then it would be appropriate for him to be among the active players and coaches during the game. However, the sideline extends beyond the 'bench' area. I assumed the 6'4" 240lbs guys in official Tiger Cats Sidelines gear I've seen further down, where the kicker warms up were injured and/or reserve players. Although not 'on the bench' I believe they constitute 'being with the team'.

Ok I see what you mean. Yeah I've seen a few standing in that area too.

So how does the team prepare for home games, you put them in a box ? And what are they all doing on the sidelines at home ? :wink: