Infrastructure Money

During the depression of the 1930’s, the US built some 60 football stadiums as part of their stimulus package. Such structures included the Orange Bowl and Rutgers Stadium.

Given that stadium construction utilize a great deal of manpower and resources and given that the CFL is part of our cultural heritage, I hope that owners or potential owners in the CFL can utilize some of the new infrastructure money to retrofit or construct stadiums.

CFL facilities are a long term investment in any community. They tend to be built during occasions of other sporting events (Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Pan-AM?). Let’s use this downturn for an upturn in facilities.

Agreed. NOW is the time to be building.

Aside from the stimulus/make-work projects side of it, I would guess that all the major cost drivers of stadium construction have gone down…

Labour… cheaper
Steel… cheaper
Concrete… cheaper (it is even available now)