hi to everybody!i'm writing from italy.we'll travel to canada next year.we'll stay in Calgary for three weeks.we'll want to see a football it difficult to find some tickets to see a game?

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thanks redwhite2005!!! is not difficult to get tickets unless it is for a Roughrider game or the Labour Day Classic against Edmonton....those games are sellouts, but even then tickets can be available early on.....happy holidays and I hope you enjoy your trip to Canada!....

i've got another question:the game season goes from June to November is it right?and from December to May?something else?i guess we'll be in Calgary in May, 2008.It'll be so nice to see Calgary again football in May....CFL season starts in mid June.....but 100% positive you'll be able to see a Flames NHL playoff game!!!!....

With Mike Keenan in charge?????? R&W you've been drinking Turkeybends home made hootch again. Did you not remember how Keenan destroyed the Canucks?

thank you guys for the are very kind.arrivederci!!!!