Info on Ti-cat tickets.

I am getting married Aug 20 2010. My wife and I are doing our stag and doe on May 1 in Burlington Ontario. The night is a theme night of a football tailgate party and we are interested in pursuing how to get tickets (2) dontated discounted etc. for a prize. My wife was in contact with an Argo rep (she was at some event in Toronto and they spoke there) over the past few days and they have offered up 2 argo tickets and t-shirts in the end zone for any game in 2010 season. Just wondering who would be the contact for the tiger-cats as we would much prefer to go through them as they have been our favorite team for the longest time. Any info would be much appreciated.

I know last season, the Ti-Cats sold tickets for games at the toilet bowl vs. the Blew Team behind the Black & Gold's bench for a discounted price, but those were offered closer to the day of the game. I'm not sure if they'll do that again this season.

just spend 25 bucks and get 2 end zone seats no big deal its going to a good cause..... i think

I appreciate that you are looking for supporting your wedding day, and hope that you have a wonderful life together....however, I don't believe that the ticats should be donating tickets to events like this (please do not take it personally). This would not be a good use of marketing dollars. I would rather see "free" tickets given to registered charities or special community interests than used to pay for your wedding.

I agree, buy a couple of tickets or have a friend donate a pair of their season tickets.

Having said that I hope you have a great time...

Funny, August 20th is the weekend of my Bachlor party.


Not sure I totally agree with that. This is marketing. Maybe it's not tickets, but a little bit of left over merch can go a long way. Not sure how big this stag and doe is, but for what amounts to about $5 (...when it comes to the cost per unit of some merch) and/or a ticket or two, you could have a couple hundred people feeling pretty good about the Ticats brand.

Personally, I'd be doing what I can to seek these kind of events out if I were on the Cats marketing team. For virtually nothing, you can make a bit of a splash.

The amount of people coming to the stag and doe should be around 150-200. I agree it is a good use of marketing as well. A couple end zone tickets given in terms of this could mean a lot more rewards as generally speaking people attending such events have disposable income and may upgrade the ticket at cost to the customer, concession stands, and may even win a fan over to return with family and friends in the future.

Congrats on your wedding…the fact that the argos are willing to give you tickets should indicate to you that it is no deal. Maybe you could support the team and buy a cheap seat or hire the team mascot to make an appearance.