Info on Markeith Knowlton

Hey Lions fans,

Just wondering if anyone could tell me more about Markeith Knowlton (Ticats acquired him in a trade with BC just before the draft). I don't know too much about him. What can he contribute to the Ticats?

He's a solid player. Nothing spectacular, not the flashy type like Banks or Glover but he gets the job done. A solid 5th DB, every down type of player that is quiet, keeps to himself but does the job.

A nice pickup for the Ticats.

Knowlton, much like the rest of the Lions secondary, has benefitted from having Washington and Miles basically being on-field coaches.

I'd have to agree wtih RoarLionsRoar, in that Knowlton is a solid nickleback, however, being in the Lions system (Marsh, Banks, Miles, Glover, Phillips) he was a dimeback at best.