info on 1976 season requested

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I am close to completing a comprehensive list of all-time Ticat coaching records. My thread on this topic is at ... ic&t=14287 .

I would appreciate it if someone could provide me with the following piece of information: when was head coach George Dickson replaced by GM Bob Shaw during the 1976 season?

I require the date of Dickson's firing so I can piece his coaching record together as well as Bob Shaw's. Once I have those details, I will be able to post a complete coaching record list from the 1950 merger to the present.

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George Dickson was fired on July 30/76. after game two, in a road loss to the B.C. Lions. Bob Shaw's first game as coach was on August 7/76. at home, against the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

game two?
wow.... i think that's the definition of a quick hook.
there must've been more to it than just losing a couple of games. assuming they also lost game one.

I think the Ticats also lost all 4 pre-season games, so were 0-6.

As I recall, Tom Dimitroff also failed to last much longer than 2 fact, I'm not sure he lasted past the pre-season, did he?

He never made it to the regular season. I do recall Dickson did in his case.

Thanks for the answer to my question -- I will complete the records accordingly and post the list in a new thread.

The thread is up at

[url=] ... ic&t=14332[/url] . Thanks to Mightypope for his answer.

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Dimitroff is currently director of college scouting for the New England Patriots.

Okay folks, time for some facts. Although the Hamilton Tiger-Cats media guides continually make the same mistake, Tom Dimitroff did indeed coach the Ticats in the 1978 regular season. In fact, he lasted five games, with a record of 1-win 3-losses and 1-tie. He was fired on Friday August 11/78., two days after a home loss to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. John Payne took over as head coach starting with a road game in Ottawa on August 15/78. On another note, George Dickson did lose all four of his pre-season games as head coach.

Thanks MP -- I noted your input in my coaches list thread and made the necessary changes.

I am really surprised that the media guide still hasn't been fixed. The Dimitroff episode was a little fuzzy for me being twelve and all...LOL. I hope the number-crunching and other issues involved can find their way into a media guide fix sometime in the future.

As far as i can tell, the list is now fixed.

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