Influx of new players

any thoughts on the arena league shutting down for a season,do you think the CFL will see any new talent?

The CFL always sees new players every year. I doubt there will be a significant difference this year from other years.

this year will be an even tougher sell. The dollar is back up again and players would rather wait and see what they can get in the NFL.

even though there are more players available going from the indoor game to a game 10 x (exagerating here!) the size is a really tough adjustment.

You make it sound,most players can just go to the nfl,walk on and make the team. It's not that easy to crack an nfl practise roster ,never mind the active roster. Just ask R Ray, H. Burris and D.Dickenson. All were lucky they got to dress and hold a clip board for a couple of years.