Inflexibility with general public

When I talk to friends and coworkers about the CFL they say "I'm not watching that!!!"

When you ask them have you ever seen a game? They say "NO!"

What does that say about people who hold assumptions about something new and they've never seen it before?

It's frustrating.

If there were any Canadian rules semi-pro football leagues with a team in and around Cincinnati, I'd go! Grant, it the games would have to be played out on an open soccer field complex instead of a football stadium since the dimensions are too big and will run right up to the first row of seats at whatever high school stadium is desired.

I don't get it. How can a person not like something without sampling it?

I can picture someone like Mark May saying he doesn't like Canadian ball while Lou Holtz is telling him he needs to see it first before deciding!

I'd love to see Lou Holtz as a head coach in the CFL. I'd root for that team even if it wasn't Montreal.


I suspect your co-workers know about your likes and and are responding in turn.


Honestly I think the way to get new people in is to say, hey friends, let's go have a fun cheap outing at a live game. I don't think the televised game works well as an "onboarding".


What do you dishonestly think?


You could have a Grey Cup party on Sunday night. Tell them it is the Canadian Super bowl with coworkers, etc. Watch the game on a big screen TV.

Problem is the Grey Cup gets scheduled on the same weekend of American Thanksgiving and most people already have family in town.

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Montreal needs to get Lou Holtz to visit the Als a day before their first game.

I get goosebumps thinking about him talking to the Alouette players and coaches with this speech: Lou Holtz Notre Dame WIN - YouTube

A few years back, I had a couple of extra tickets to a REDBLACKS game. I ended up giving them to two co-workers who were NFL fanatics. They were much younger than me, and, having never seen a CFL game, it took a promise of pre-game beer and pizza to convince them to join me. I made a bet with them.....if they didn’t like the football or atmosphere, I would gladly pay their way.

Two seasons and six games later, they Still came to the games, and payed for their tickets. We’ll all be there in a few weeks, the beer and pizza probably still on me.


Yes I find many go to the new park and really enjoy the atmosphere . In the summer it's a real concert /party jive .

They enjoy the full game experience .

If this was old Landsdowne park feel this team would never be as successful .


I miss those sunsets tho’.

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Wait, you have friends & a job?..just kidding of course :grin:
I get your frustration, but I often won't watch something new or different on my own. If I'm at a friend's house after work I may watch something new b/c it's on.


Great stuff though I think it's high time you renegotiate your contract.:grin:


Damn kids.


I do believe that is not the case this year, but in due time preferably 2022, I hope such schedule conflict is permanently in the past for we Americans.

It won't take much to have the Grey Cup no later than the Sunday before that American weekend as the season will start earlier as we have been hearing and as I had seen years ago with various changes in the bye weeks.

Nice to see former Rider QB Tony Rice being featured prominently in that video

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How can a person not like something without sampling it?

Inflexibility isn't just a general public thing. I've seen it on this forum as well.

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Had same conversation with many people as well. Including my own mother, we took her to a game and she loved it. Still asked mom questions like which one was the goalie and why are they using their hands if it's called football lol taking in the live crowd and sights and smells of the stadium will be a difference maker for the uninitiated for sure


There's certainly people prejudiced towards the CFL. I've encountered two kinds, the type that's convinced they hate it without ever watching a game, and the type that is determined to see what they expected or even wanted to see. :man_shrugging:t2:

A few days ago I was watching a 30 for 30 documentary on the marching band for the Baltimore Colts/Ravens and there was a guy lamenting the dreadful intervening era where they had to settle for the CFL games. He was busy criticizing the CFL and another member of the band piped in "I liked it..." "It was terrible!" he interrupted. "I started to like it too..." says another. "IT WAS TERRIBLE!" He just wouldn't let anyone else from the marching band get their word in or sing any praise for the CFL era. I'm not sure how to combat that level of determination to hate something. These people were at the game, and it seemed to convince some to like it, but that one guy just refused to budge.


The most common thing that I hear is "NFL has the best players. I only wanna see the best."

While it may be true that the NFL has better talent, the great irony is this person claiming to 'only want the best' couldn't tell the difference anyways. If you only ever watch games on TV or from row 14 drunk on beer, you cannot tell the difference in the talent level between CFL and NFL. Running, passing, catching, blocking, tackling, kicking looks exactly the same. Trust me, I've been watching it for over 40 years. The talent is indistinguishable.

There is no way to tell how fast a guy is running on TV unless you see him outrunning a slower guy, which happens the same amount of times in both leagues, so anyone who claims that NFL is faster is talking out the wrong end of their body.

The guys in the NFL run a 4.3 40. The guys in the CFL are a tad slower they run a 4.4. If someone tries to tell me that they can tell the difference, I just laugh.

CFL players make lots of mistakes. So do NFL players. Busted coverages, missed tackles, dropped passes, dumb penalties. It's all the same.

NONE of the people who make this claim have even watched one-tenth of the football that I have, and certainly have never been involved at any high level, so no, they can't tell the difference. They're all full of poop.

When you watch a USPORT game you can usually tell the difference. The passes have less zip, the field goal ranges are a bit shorter, the punts are 5-10 yards shorter, some of the guys looks quite small (cause there are not enough big guys to fill the entire depth chart).

But CFL-NFL? The kickers all have the same range. The QBs all have top armstrength. The linemen are all 300 lbs plus. THE SAME. The differnces in talent are SO SMALL that you can't tell. Unless you are in the room watching film WITH COACHES pointing it out to you, you can't tell.


And how will that get your friends to watch more?

I have heard that.....I counter with....But you watch college football....and junior hockey.....and I have seen you watch little league baseball