Infastructure Funds

Thought this was worthy of a new topic , I wonder if these funds would be available to help Halifax, Regina Calgary etc with new stadium funding.

Most cities/provinces will have numerous projects competing for funding as general public infrastructure (roads, bridges, sewers, etc.) is aging/falling apart and large scale public transit projects are in the planning stages.

Stadiums may be a hard sell unless part of an event of some sort, or there is significant private investment in the stadium itself (which could make it more politically palitable).

I think you are right GHT120. For example here in Hamilton - in spite of all kinds of infrastructure moneys that were made available to spur the economy - Tim Horton's Field would still not be happening if not for the fact that it is largely being paid for out of Pan Am games funds to be the host stadium for all the soccer games during the Pan Am games in 2015.

It's still taxpayers money, nothing more then a shell game.
No matter what you call it, for the sake of tradition and Canadiana there is no other sport out there including the NHL that deserves funding for infrastructure, eg stadiums, like the CFL.

Hasn't stopped Quebec and its 3 billion dollar deficit !from kicking in 450 million dollars for an NHL rink with no tennant while their bridges are about ready to fall in the River.

Yes it would be a tough sell to the majority of people. In a country like Canada there is a lot of wear and tear on bridges and roads and sewers and water lines. Also a good idea to build and finance new bridges from Windsor to Detroit and the Buffalo crossing.

The only reason Hamilton got a new stadium was not because of the CFL but because of the Pan Am soccer.
The only way Toronto will get a new or renovated stadium will be because of soccer.

Both Calgary and Edmonton used federal infrastructure grants to renovate the Coliseum and Saddledome in the early 90s. But then that's hockey.

And those were different days. That was the late Mulroney era when they were spending in the lead up to the 1993 election.