Inexperienced coaching staff -- will it kill us?

Trestman: Zero CFL experience
Burke: Very little CFL DC experience
Milanovitch: One year of CFL experience, no CFL OC experience

I like Trestman's resume, but the greenness of our coaches is making me very afraid. I still don't understand why we couldn't get Jim Daley in as DC to add some experience and veteran savvy to our coaching staff. I have nothing against Burke but he's proven nothing in this league, ditto Milanovitch.

These guys had better burn the midnight oil preparing for the season.

And we just might have jumped the gun with Burke.

IF, and I mean, IF, Richie Hall does not get the HC job in Saskatchewan, rumours are that he may want out (okay, okay, it's a Marty York rumour, but you never do know....).

Now if that came to pass, we might regret having hired Burke, because then we might have been able to hire Hall as DC and Assistant Head Coach.

That way, Trestman, an offensive mind, is free to spend all his time on the offence because Hall can run the defence with minimal if any supervision, and we also have the benefit of Hall being in place to take over as HC in case Trestman falls flat on his face (I am not hoping that he does, but we have to be realistic and accept the possibility that he might).

If that possibility of Trestman falling on his face comes to pass, who would replace him if we had to make a move midseason? Burke? Milanovich? I'd feel a lot safer with Hall (or Barrett, or even Daley) on the sidelines. Because with relatively inexperienced guys on the bench in Burke and Milanovich, I think we all know who'd step in as Head Coach if we had to replace Trestman midseason, and I don't think any of us want to see it.

MadJack, I agree, and the thought of Popp stepping in if Trestman gets the boot makes me shiver. This has been a flat-out terrible hiring process. We could have kept Jones as DC. We could have offered Thorpe the DC job before he went to Edmonton. Now we're screwed.

You can't keep people who's contracts are done and have been passed over for promotion.

I agree with you that the new assistant coachs are all inferior in experience and records then the guys who have left

I think the assistants signed are guys that have failed badly and I mean badly but they were all that was left available.

Squires special teams had 6 TD's scored against them out of the 9 special teams TD scored in the entire league. His kicking punting teams also allowed the most blocked kicks in the league.

Squires spent his carreer coaching a div 3 school. That is like 12 man CIS ball. (budget of 500k and fundraising more then coaching). I can see him as a position coach but not ready to be a coordinator.

MiniCreehan: Coached the worst defensive line in the league. Zero improvement in Miguel Robede and marginal results. Can't think of one highlight with this guy.

So they are being given a second chance but it is worrisome to think that those 3 hires all had a far worse season last year then even Popp had ! I hope they succeed...

What a fiasco. If they'd hired Jones as HC, they could have gotten Thorpe as DC and Trestman as OC. Our coaching staff is in shambles.

Here's a question.
Who was the last head coach to come in to the league, without paying any CFL dues, and actually be a success?
I'm likely wrong, but I can't think of anyone after Marv Levy.

Charlie Taaffe (in his first go-around, with the Als, not his reincarnation as a Cat head coach).

And both Levy and Taaffe inherited fantastic ball teams. I think both those teams would have done well regardless.

I think it depends what the expectations are. For me I looked at last season and this coming season like rebuilding efforts. I'm looking for .500 football team next year.

1-Reverse the slide
2-Create some consistancy
3-Come in to 2009 better then 2008

However for those who are expecting the Als to just climb back on top the CFL like King Kong may be disapointed.

This is not a one year project. This is a 2 to 3 year project.

The Als also didn't divulge the lenght of those contracts. I hope these hires are on a show me ! 1 year contract.

Well, at least I don’t think anyone will be going in to this season over-confident…

I agree with Hfxtc. Taaffe inherited a strong Als team that didn't really need any major changes. Trestman is taking over a decimated team that has lost virtually its entire coaching staff, a team that needs rush ends, linebackers, quality O-linemen, a deep-threat receiver, and now a legit starting safety. But like H, my expectations aren't that high. If we go 9-9 and show we have the building-blocks to climb back into Grey Cup contention in a few years, I'll be happy.

I don't think this team is decimated. They just need a coach who isn't a joke, and who can be taken seriously.

The talent on our roster last season, was nothing less than great.

In my opinion, Trestman comes in with a good football club, and with a whole new coaching staff, means a fresh start for the players. Which is what we need.