Winnipeg fans may not like what I have to say, but I'm going to say it anyway. I think that it's inexcusable that they lost this game against the Argos. The Argos had little or no preperation time to take on the Blue Bombers, and the Bombers had 10 days to prepare for the Argos. I think that this is a direct reflection on the coaching staff of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers inability to prepare their team properly. The Bombers have some good players and had a huge advantage going into this game, but still lost. Some questions should be raised in the Winnipeg front office....

That's my 2 cents.....

It's not panic time yet in my opinion, I was expecting a loss tonight. But if we start losing to Ottawa and Hamilton then I say some major changes need to be made.

Hey, two tosses to Stegall in the end zone just off his finger tips and 10 points given up off bs turnovers and its a different ball game. I dont like some of the calls Daley is making either but its still up to the players to execute whatever play is called. They better kick some butt in cowtown next week because they are running out of games.

Why would I be angry? I agree completly. Glenn over through at least 7 recievers. If he put a LITTLE more touch on that fingertip pass to Stegall we wouldv'e scored. We need a new QB. Printers, Mass? HECK! Even I would've even wanted Jones back.

oh my god, you guys are dumbasses, its the whole god damn teams fault.

kirsten by any chance are you an Eskimo fan or an angry Bomber fan?

Geez guys, wait for the bandwagon to slow down before jumping off will ya?

It was a decent game for the Bombers. I thought they played ok. The defense let us down a little bit, but not much. Glenn was fine. Blink was fine. O-Line was fine. Defense was ok against a VERY good Argo offensive show.

We're still putting it together guys, hang in there. Next six or seven games are up for grabs. Next game is the most important of the season thus far.

I’m not jumping off anytime soon. The Bombers did play an OK game. I’m just saying there need to be some changes. You don’t get 2 turnovers and a drive wtih 45 penalty yards (at least they scored here) that early in a game very often. 3 out of a possible 14 points. Difference in the game right there.

Yup, don't lose faith yet. I'm still saying the Bombers make the playoffs. If they lose next week though, then I might have to reconsider my original thoughts.

I agree but really though, UnrealRiders, you're poping up on every team forum. Trying to take over huh?

Will the Riders make the playoffs?

If they do, it'll be close. And Winnipeg could've actually very easily have been 3-3 or 4-2 if things had just gone a little differently. There are just small things we need to change

Cool this is my 200th post after being here for 7 days. :smiley: - PARTY!

K84 is just a frustrated bomber fan........But i do agree , the coaching staff, as hard as it maybe after a 10 day lay off, have to ramp up this team. There were some good pplays but they justed didn't seem to have blood in their this sucks....

I guess smyth cam missed the stat at the start of the broadcast which showed that in the past the team coming off the short week, Toronto, had won 85% of the time in the next game. Doesnt sound like too many teams in the bombers position have been successful in the past. Toronto was on fire and won the game straight up, end of story.

Huh? What do you mean? Of course I post on all the forums. The CFL is 9 teams after all. And yeah Riders make the playoffs in my opinion.

kirsten is right about the whole team. wpg fans love to hate the 1st string qb. problem is they hate the 2nd string this year too. too bad the 4th string doesn’t even hit the radar, he better be injured or i really do hate daley. bomber problems in no particular order, daley, stokes, peterson, mcgarity, gibson for not using stoddard, regimbald, wynn, or using the deep ball. as i have always said glenn is not losing games for us. he may not be winning them but he does enough to win assuming the others do their jobs.

In the Argo game they called too many plays that caused them to stay inbounds and only pick up 5-8 yards. We should have scored quickly and tried the onside kick. If it failed there would still be time.

IT'S TIME take the rose-colored glasses off....those fans who can't see something is radically wrong with this team.better remove them.... let's take a real good look at coaching and players ........start by questioning the readiness and preparation this team had playing a 'tired' TO. question the REAL ability of the starting QB. Glenn....HE'S A BACK-UP AT look at the gawd-awful performance of the so-called talented recievers.....namely McGarity and Pederson.....they are a bust and we need to replace them.....cripes Stoddard who we know can catch sits on the bloody bench....Daley WILL BE LUCKY TO MAKE IT TO LABOUR DAY the way this team is playing... and now the way I feel ....after blowing that opportunity to get into the play-off hunt, ... we .might as well get ready for 06' ...and that bandwagon....cuz the wheels have come off the 05' one... :!:

mostly i agree. what i do not understand is why no one other than me seems to think stokes is a waste of a paycheck. i will be the first to admit he did well in the mont game. but even if he has another couple good games. three good games and 15 poor ones.... someone else can have a turn fumbling the ball once in a while. why does he get to keep doing it.

The Bombers had a shot in against the Argos but am I the only one who didn’t notice that there were too many tackles missed. 7 yard catches were turned in 30 yard plays.