Indy Colts R the most fun NFL team cuz they play CFL style!

1st off the NFL game blows!

Games are too slow.

2nd - don’t know if it’s cause of the CBC strike but watching/listening to NFL games is painful. The comments by the play by play guys is brutal.

Indy is on the other hand fun to watch especially when they go into their quick offence.

For those of you who are now only going to watch NFL shame on you…

I personally will not watch the NFL for the CFL… I am on the other hand itching to watch the Sens beat the crap out of the Concussion Crew in Tdot!!!

Uh, last nights first half was 3-0 .

Notice how the NFL hypes their games? Anyone hear Theisman's comment before the half?

Joe: " Wow, thats the most exciting 0-0 tie I've ever seen."

Anyone sleep through Washingtons 9-7 win? Yawn!

JESUS! and even he will not help them!

0-0 tie? that's is exciting? BS! CFL ROCKS LONG LIVE THE CFL!!!

Hey, if the colts are playing a CFL style of game in the NFL, and they win the Super Bowl this year, does that mean the CFL sytle is way better than the NFL?

Just kdding, it already is MUCH better! :smiley:

Pewton Manning is fun to watch. Love the NFL, just as I love the CFL, and Indy is just a treat.

Manning threw 49 touchdown passes last year in 16 games, comparitively, Printers (the CFL's leading TD passer last year) threw 35 TD's and B.C. threw 45 total TD's in 18 games. Just showing that the NFL isn't all running.

Yeah, Manning is fun to watch. He looked just a little off last night, and the Ravens have traditionally had a strong defense (I haven't paid too much attention this year, but I assume that they still do). I expect the Colts to beat up on a lot of teams this year.

But on the whole - CFL all the way.

The guy who posted that now that the NFL had begun that he was done with the CFL should burn in hell!

IM watching both. I was watching the Carolina and New Orleans game yesterday. I picked that one cause there both in the same conferance and division as my fav team in the NFL (Tampa Bay) And I must say I thought it was an exciting game I mean it was like 20-20 or something liek that with a minute left (carolina just got a FG to tie the game) and the Saints drove the ball down the field and scored the game winning FG with 3 seconds or something left on the clock. I loved it down to the wire game, close, fairly high score. Football Rocks weather it be NFL or CFL

No Fun League, who cares and lets not discuss as this is a CFL forum, the best sport around. Period. Those who want to talk about that other league, are free to go to their posts.

and you are free to not read these posts. Every NFL post I have seen on this site has had NFL in the topic, if you do not like the NFL do not read these. its that simple

I dont see why so many of you are so against talking about NFL. I mean its just as much football as CFL is. As wellit says in the subject INdy Colts. If you dont want to talk about then done comment on it. Some people (like myself) watch, enjoy and follow both leagues. As far as im concerned if you like football then you should be able to appreciate the NFL as much as the CFL. Thats just my opinion however. Anybody that post anythign about the NFL on here clearly has it stated that there is NFL in the topic.

Colts are definitely fun to watch - their offense reminds me of the great Bills teams of the first half of the 1990s. I'm not a huge NFL supporter, but some NFL games are really good.

But the NFL is funny - even though defenses tend to dominate more often than in the CFL, teams generally win by greater margins. In other words there are fewer close games in the NFL than the CFL.

Don't believe me? You can check it out for yourself if you have the patience. But just as an example, look at some of these scores from Sunday Week 1:


Combine the scores of those games with a 40 second play clock and 4 downs for an offense to protect a lead with and you have some mighty boring football going on.

One thing for sure, the really good teams that have a realistic chance of winning the Super Bowl, unless they have a super, super defence where they can win if they only score 15 points or less, win by the pass with the run as a decoy. Yes, just like the CFL you do need the threat of a good running game but you don't need to put up big rusing numbers in the NFL, as many people believe, to be successful. You could put any average running back with the Colts and the Pats and they would still be big contenders to win the SB. Both teams rely on CFL style offences to win.

With so few close games, the NFL is boring! compaired the the CFL.