Indy 500 on Sunday

The pole position is over 234 MPH average lap speed. Thats over 114 yards every second. Imagine what they must be doing on the straight aways.


Auto racing’s biggest day — F1 at Monaco first, Indy second, and the longest Nascar race of the season the Coca Cola 600 last…

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What?! No NRCA Lucas Oil Spring Nationals live from Hotpants AZ! the Snake and the Mongoose up next…

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Indy first. Flat out speed.

Although they are faster (330mph +) - no NHRA this weekend.

Ya, that racing league haha

I had to stop watching it. Everytime I PVRed drag racing it sure wasn’t NHRA drag racing. :persevere:

I get it on FS1 Racing its usually on when they say it is unless there are weather delays. They show qualifying and the eliminations.

Watching Monaco - red flag lap one - Perez car destroyed…

Leclerc wins Monacco.

I see what you did there :sweat_smile:

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