Industry controlling our software and hardware choices.

This in general has been my pet peeve for years but now I am constantly being peed off by site making things that don’t work proper on IE. Works on Edge, but I will not stop using IE. Even this site give me issue, like I can no longer seem to vote in the fan poll in IE. Maybe that is just me, but I find many sites that will not work at all unless I go to edge. grrrrr

actually, I see the all off season long poll seems to have disappeared. Tried clicking on the Load more News and nadda.

It’s the other way around - Internet Explorer hasn’t been keeping up with progress of modern web experiences and the technologies used for them, so at some point developers have to stop spending time on workarounds for IE and just provide a message of incompatibility. That’s how tech is now; keep up or be left behind.

yeah, I understand that. I know it is unrealistic but I just wish developers never “had” to stop doing what it takes to keep things working on IE. I understand that Microsoft has all but abandoned IE in favor of Edge. It just sucks to me.

Go with Firefox !