Indoor VS outdoor stadiums

What's this I here Winnipeg Might be getting a new stadium but it might be a domed stadium hasn't anybody learned that people would rather sit outside on a nice day to watch a game than inside yes I know that it's windy and can rain or get cold and snow in the winter suck it up.
I believe that the lions would get better crowds if they had an outdoor stadium as well as the argonauts even though the shitdome can open and close it's roof. If the bombers are so worried about the weather go with a european type of stadium which covers the seating but is open to the field of play. One last point to make the argos made a bad choice in staying at the shitdome I hope it doesn't come back and bite them in the ass.
Us Eskimos fans have the best stadium in the league and whether it's sunny raining,windy, cold or snowing we still show up to the ball park.
Although B.C. place is nice to bad they can't take off the top.

The dome makes you weak (yeah I know it was two dome teams in last years GC so don’t jump on that, flukes do happen).

I could really care less how the weather is I just show up for the games and watch the Riders kick some ass.

.......mostly their own........but we won't go there........

"Although B.C. place is nice to bad they can't take off the top.

--What?? Have you ever been there before, or are you just going on what you see on TV? B.C. Place is NOT nice, at all. I've lived in Calgary my whole life, and just moved to Vancouver last summer. My buddy was in town for a week last summer, and his Alouettes were in Van, so we went to go check out the game(it was when Montreal was 6-0, and BC ended up handing them their first loss).

Man, it was crappy in there!! I had never been there before, but it's awful. First off, its not near as big as it looks on TV. It looks like it only holds around 45,000, so it's not much bigger than McMahon is in Calgary. Second, the air is stale in there, and the dome has stains all over it, if you look up at the celing. It's disgusting. Third(and this will probably change after BC's run to the Grey Cup game last year), the stadium's like half empty.

Honestly, the atmoshpere was so damn dull in there that we actually left at halftime, opting instead to go watch it in a bar. I mean the only way I could actually sit in that lack of atmosphere is to get hammered. And I'm not paying the $8 a beer they ask for. I mean if it's the Canucks or Flames, I understand those prices, it's the NHL. But at McMahon in Calgary, it's only like $3.50 or $4 for a beer, because it's the CFL. For a CFL game, $8 is outrageous.

Anyone here from BC who's only been to a Lions game has to understand how much better the atmopshere COULD be, with an outdoor stadium. Go to a game in Calgary, or especially Edmonton. Then you'll see what football SHOULD be like.

My only complaint with Commonwealth is the runnung track and how it pushes the seating area so far back from the field. I think the atmosphere would be better if we we right beside the field.

Indoor or outdoor, really makes no difference. Just excuses for you to not attend games. Just go and watch the football game. The atmosphere is what you make it yourself. If you are waiting for someone else to get you pumped up, then you are not really a fan. I think it would be great for Wiinipeg to get a dome. Seems like every game I watch from there, they have rain, and the stands are half empty as everyone is in hiding. If they get a dome and fill it up every game, the atmosphere would be fantastic, because it would hold the noise in and make it seem louder.

Actually the purposed stadium in Winnipeg will have an open roof but will be made to minimize weather conditions like rain and wind for the fans, due to it being closed off, with no open endzones.

–That’s true in what you say. It is about what you make it yourself. But it’s alot easier to get into it when you’re with 55,000 other screaming fans, outdoors, then it is in a domed stadium with stale air(that kind of smells actually), and empty seats all around you. It’s exciting to be in an electric atmosphere, that’s one of my favourite parts of sports.

I can’t imagine any regular season CFL game being funner than the Stamps/Eskies Labour Day rematch at Commonwealth Stadium(always the Friday after Labour Day). It’s already the most volatile rivalry in the league. And tensions are always flairing heading into the game, seeing as they just played four days before in Calgary(and something bad almost always happens in that one, to make everyone’s blood boil over heading into round 2).

Natural turf, in a 56,000 seat stadium that is ALWAYS sold out for that game. Busloads of Stamps fans take the ride up north for it too. And it is just an absolute GONG SHOW. Even if you’re not a fan of the Stampeders or the Eskimos, I definitely recommend taking the drive up to Edmonton on September 9th for that one.

I bet the crowd in EDM. who attended the Royal visit would have liked some kind of roof or cover there looked a little wet and quite brisk......great football weather though....and :smiley: I know football fans are a little tougher than that crowd.....the turf sure looked great on the tube....c'mon 05 kickoff :!:

I do agree with you on this one Argo1. Fans need to take charge at the game as far as getting into it. If you sit on your hands and don't cheer (and mope about the weather) your'e going to have a miserable time. Enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm. I think domes have their place, but you will find many fans who want to be able to sit in the sun on summer evening breathing fresh air watching a game. True, there are some evenings that you can't do that. You need to dress for the game, and to me that's just a fact of life for football fans.

Even the NFL has stadiums and situations like that. I'm sure watching the Packers at Lambeau Field in October can be just as cold as watching the Eskimos at Commonwealth in October. For the money required to build a dome I just don't think that improved fan enthusiasm could be listed as one of the selling features. What it does do is let you use the stadium for various functions all year round and that improves your bottom line and I think that is the biggest motivation for putting a dome on a stadium.

In Winnipeg a new stadium would be great. Just to keep up to our Moose and Goldeyes. The staduim has to have leg room (which the mts centre does not have) and most impotant rather close to the playinf field.
Edmonton, why not the new artifical turf like most now?? Grass is the thing of the past. wet or frozen artifical turf grerat.

I’d have to say that outdoor stadiums are much better for football games. The reasons for this are because u get the natural weather outside it could be rain, or snow, or hail, or high winds. You need all those factors to make a game that much better. More fumbles in rain or snow. Longer or shorter kicks or passes in high winds. Having an open stadium definatly makes for a better game for the fans. Also just to add fans that dont want to go watch a football game in bad weather are not true football fans. You dont hear players complaining about bad weather for games. I play football myself and i love playing outdoors in rain or wind. It makes for a more interesting game. To the untrue fans of there respectave teams - You dont see players not showing up to games just because of bad weather whatever the weather may be the players show up so if your a true and hardcore fan you should as well

I think teams should keeping building outdoor stadiums, simply because football is a outdoor sport and build a dome would defeat the purpose of football being an outdoor sport. for those who want to go imddors to watch a game, why don't you just watch an indoor sport.

Man I would like to hear what players say about getting their feet knocked out from under themseves when they land on turf, grass or that concrete in Cowtown. I'm not knocking McMahon but when I go down for Labour day it looks like it realy would hurt to land on that "field".

Hey STAMPERS7 B.C. Place seats between 59,000 and 60,000 but I don't remember the actual number not 45,000 and Commonwealth seats 60,081 not 56,000.
And now to reply to ARCHIE the why would commonwealth go from Grass to turf even if it is the new kind of turf. As far as I'm concerned football was mean't to be played on Natural grass even if it's pouring rain and muddy or snowed and frozen. Natural grass a thing of the past give me a break.

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