Individual Player Awards

who are your picks for all the awards for the player awards this year, I was on the BC site and they started a topic about this, it would be interesting to see everyones thoughts on it

Rookie - Moreno if he is allowed to be considered for the award otherwise Setta
Special teams - Setta
Cdn. - Mckay
lineman - Mckay
Def playert - Zeke
MOP - Zeke

who are your picks?

pretty much covers it...

Obvously our record doesn't say much bt how many players did we have up and could legit win an award. This team IS better.

Moreno does not qualify for rookie.

Rookie: Setta
Spec. Teams: Setta
Defensive Player: Moreno
Offensive Lineman: Hage
MVP: Moreno

What about Mariuz...he played great on special teams this season

Sorry - Mariuz CANNOT beat out Setta.

I started a topic about this last week, but didn’t get very many responses so don’t expect much.

CDN-Lumsden (although there is a good argument for McKay)
Def-Moreno (although I could easily choose Armour)
MOP- Moreno