Indifference? Resignation?

Came on the site to peruse fan thoughts about last night's game (couldn't watch it) only to find surprisingly little has been posted in this chatroom.

Is this because of heavy-handed moderators purging posts/threads or have fans simply given up on the Cats after the decade of disastrous football and general ineptitude that has characterized the Undertaker Era?

“The opposite of love is not hate. It is indifference.?

What's the difference between ignorance and apathy?

I don't know and I don't care!

Sorry, I just don't care anymore. Been a TiCat fan for over 55 years. Over and out.

Been myself for over 40yrs. I'm just getting to the point where I don't expect anything anymore,I guess I just watch out of habit now....Kinda like a bad addiction.....its a great way to kill 3 hrs. of my time....lose or lose the CATS will always be my team!!!! :oops: :cry:

A friend called me up a couple of days ago and asked where we were going to go to watch yesterdays game. We watch almost all the games at a pub. My response was, I don't think I can sit in public and watch the Cats play anymore. The really bad part of this is the Ti-Cats are here in Edmonton this Friday and I really don't think I will be going to the game as I have every year for the past decade.

My Dad and Uncle started taking me to Ti-Cat games in 1972 and I have been a fan ever since. But I am completely discouraged right now. :cry:

Ditto. I'm embarrassed to be seen supporting a brand that has been synonymous with ineptitude, haplessness and sheer managerial incompetence.

Getting tough...I agree.

Fight and stay strong.

Went to my first game in 71, Have had season tickets since 1994. I dont even enjoy attending the games that much anymore.. Its like you know what the outcome will be before kickoff :cowboy:

it flows back to the top management

cant blame the coach, injuries and elements..

i do believe that austin and steinhauer are good...

just cant fathom why the Caretaker still trusts and has faith in Mitchell.

Kudos to Bob Young, a.k.a. Caretaker, for putting his considerable financial resources behind this team, but in light of the generally wretched on-field product since he bought the team I find the term "Undertaker" more appropriate.

Let's get this damned thing turned around!

Went to my first game in years vs. Winnipeg and was astounded at the carnival atmosphere, like being at the Ex, and wasn't real impressed with the " game day experience " overall as the Ticats, even though they won, didn't really impress me.
Rebuilding a team should be an ongoing experience to fruition, not a renewed experience every year or two.
Got tired of waiting last year, still a fan but fanatic no longer.

I can only add a few things to this...

I used to have seasons tickets from '92 to '03.After the '03 season and what happened subsequently,I said that I would not spend another dime on tickets for this team until they put a CONSISTENT winner on the field....

I'm still waiting...

I also noticed not too much reaction at all here after the game last night.It might be because people are away or busy.But I'm starting to think indifference is setting in.I listened to the 5th Quarter last night and I was struck at how many people are starting to voice their opinion's about the direction of this team over the last decade and how frustrated they are.I distinctly remember one call that wanted Mr. Young to go on the 5th quarter and take calls!!!

That would be vvvveeeerrrrryyyy interesting...

I'm afraid this team,after the chronic losing,is getting to the dying days of the Ottawa Roughriders...Where no one even cares to get angry at the ineptitude any more.Sadly,that's when you know you're done...

Yeah but "Don't Worry Be Happy" :roll:

I found that to be incredibly patronizing and insulting by Mr. Young…

3rd down on the goal line , down by 12 10 minutes left. If we punch it in its a whole new game because we had 3 more possessions after that. Its a long season folks. Hang tough.

I am surprised people are still paying to see what is on the field, I love the cats but I have to say..THEY SUCK! Totally sick of the lame product that is suppose to be a football team. I pvr the games (I watch every CFL game) and can honestly say I don't even think they are worth the electricity.

Sorry, been hanging tough for waaaaay too long

Hey guys....

     this continual losing is tough to take but.....gotta stick with the team. Things will eventually improve. 

We have been led to expect an instant turnaround each time there has been a coaching change. But it ain't gonna happen that way. I believe it will take at least two seasons to come up with a consistently competitive team. I think Kent Austin can do it. I thought George Cortez would have done it too if he has been given more time.

      I have never supported another CFL team. I have no plans to drop my support for the Tiger-Cats and have not changed my views on that since 1961.
      If the Caretaker is willing to hang in....then the fans need to be the same way.

So did I. And I called him out on that, but guess what. My comment was deleted.

Not even the Birmingham Barracudas?