"INDIAN" Jack Jacobs (also on bombers page)

"Indian" Jack Jacobs sounds like a very accomplished QB.

August 7, 1919 - January 12, 1974

Jacobs played many positions on both offense and defense. Played for NFL and CFL.

He set records of epic proportions. Records like, but not limited to:

the 1st QB to throw for over 3000 yards in a season in 1951!

Over 11,000 yards passing in 5 seasons!

He threw for 33 TDs in the 1951 season!

TD to INT ratio - 104 to 53 in the pioneering days of forward passing!

Threw 6 TD passes in one game vs Calgary (1952)

Completed 31 of 48 vs Hamilton (1953)

Jacobs even led the NFL in Punting in 1947

CFL Hall of Fame - 1964
American Indian Atheltic Hall of Fame - 1977
Bluebombers Hall of Fame - 1984
Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame - 2002
Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame - 2004

Actor multiple films including, 1948 football movie - Triple Threat

All info courtesy of: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Jacobs


He was an amazing player from what I've seen and read and deserves full marks for his accomplishments.

It would be nice to see a "profile" or "spotlight" type of show. A show that would tune fans into the building blocks of football.

Without guys like this, football wouldn't exist. There must be so many players and games; it would be great to see footage spliced together of their accomplishments.

I am sure that the football games of the 50s (keeping in mind how many games are actually on tape somewhere) are just sitting in some warehouse or basement, BEGGING to be viewed and talked about.

Show us the vintage CFL! Show us the Vintage!

I am only 24. Where am I supposed to get all this footage?

How can I be a part of the oldschool? Or better yet:
Before there was any school at all!!!!