Indecent exposure?

I heard a rumor that jon Cornish may have mooned the crowed behind the Stamps bench following their loss at Mosaic today. Is this really true? If so, should there be some sort of penalty for exposing your naked ass to the crowed?

It was during the game. After the game he told some old lady to go F… herself.

Also during the game the ref turned away after a play and he 100% deliberately poked a Rider in the eye.

A gifted athlete with a crummy attitude. What a shame that kids probably look up to him.

Maybe I should have titled this topic, Indecent exposure, vulgar language and assault lol. Oh well, glad he didn't make a hundred yards!

Glad to see we got under his skin. A good comeback when he mooned the crowd would be: " I don't know about you but I think Nik Lewis is just getting uglier day by day lol." You know if this was a Rider thing every poster on this site would be coming out of the woodwork to say how they experienced some crass interaction with the Rider Nation. It will be interesting to see the reaction on the main site to Cornish's childish behaviour.

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I didn't think Huff would think that was acceptable behaviour.