Incredibly Dangerous Toys from the Past?

Yeah, I'm left speechless alright. Primarily by these modern day helicopter parents who'd wrap their kids in a protective bubble and not release them until they turn 21 and have kids of their own. Pathetic!



'The Most Dangerous Game' (A Venture Brothers episode):


Lawn Darts were fun in the 70s. Nobody got hurt because the kids had common sense back then and knew to stay out of the way when somebody was throwing a dart.


I only got maimed a couple of times. Nothing some ointment and a bandage couldn't fix though. We had fun with those things! :grin:


…this isn’t toy related but I thought it was pretty funny, saw it on the internet somewhere: “car manuals fifty-sixty years ago included information on how to adjust intake/exhaust valves and today’s manuals include warnings to not drink the contents of the battery”


I remember playing with a spring loaded plastic gun with hard plastic bullets. My brother and I played cops and robbers with it as kids. We had terrible aim, it's a wonder we didn't take an eye out. Jeez, the Police use plastic bullets for crowd control

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some of those things made sense where I wouldnt give to my children.

others, not so much.

The thing with the bycicle wheelie is just plain stupid. Without them, we all still did wheelies all the time.

There was no toy that I wanted more during my preteen years than Johhny Seven OMA. Didnt get it, but others did. I never saw anyone get hurt by them. However, I do understand and agree that toy guns are no longer acceptable and wouldnt have given them to my kids.

My older brother had the Creepy Crawly maker thingy and my older sister had the Easy-bake Oven. I can attest to the fact that they did get very, very hot. Not something you'd want little kids playing with.

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We use to tow a skateboard behind a bike on the street all the time like we were water skiing .

Use a soap box down a hill with total disregard .

Used a hammer and nails to help with fixing a roof , worked a cash register alone at a store and looked after a baby alone all at age 10 .

Totally seemed normal back then .

Total unaware of consequences .

Walked to school when I was 6 by myself .

etc etc ....

Today they would remove me from the home due to neglect .LOL


We would be flying around on our skateboard down steep hills and what not. After a good wipeout you'd scrape the hell out of your elbows. Then you would run home and Grandma would break out the whiskey. She would dab it on your wound and throw on a Band-aid. Then right back out the door for more skateboarding. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


..... and wouldn't see you again until you came home to eat dinner .


...or until the streetlights came on. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


When I think of the kamakaze way we rode our bikes through traffic and down steep hills with no helmet, I shudder to think that we survived.


I had a cap gun and I remember how upset I was when it ran out of caps when I was told "they don't sell them anymore," which it turns out was not true.

This was in Italy, and and the excuse I believe now was my grandma simply weighing in that she had enough of the noise.


About a decade ago at work, I started seeing those adults in their 20s, and recently I even ran into one aged 32, who I think mentally are not far removed from high school. It shows.

I've had many an opportunity to go into management over the years at various jobs that I have passed up simply because I saw what was looming at that job and am not into helping to raise the kids of others who were not properly raised.

Contrary to a popular and flawed narrative, here I am not talking about the environment one grew up in, with some of course rougher than others, but the obnoxious coddling and advocacy of bad habits even for teens never mind adults.

I've also seen little correlation, contrary to common belief, between how rough or affluent an upbringing and how disciplined and focused the young adult. It all comes down more to the individual parenting style and their growth.

I'm working to be back in a management capacity at a new job for 2022, but you bet I will look hard at the culture in the workplace and see if it's full of folks going on 30 who are still behaving like they are in high school.

If that's one-third of the staff or more, I know those folks and their incompetence will drain more than 80% of my time so no thank you.

I blame my Gen X generation of parents the most for their helicopter ways and the worst generation of parents ever to turn out all these 30-year olds still going on 20.

Anyway, end rant and maybe there is hope with Gen Z over so many those millennials from what I am reading.


Well there were many far less than even half-brained moments in my childhood in retrospect, but nothing burned down and though there were a few injuries, we all healed up and a good time was had by all. :woozy_face:

One example of playing with fireworks, well beyond toys by nature but playing with them as if toys, was when we used a blowtorch to light them right in our garage and even set off bottle rockets for launch right across the street.

We even used to put the blowtorch on top of my dad's wooden workbench whilst still lit between fireworks. :astonished:

There's plenty more I could share just about this dangerous activity, but I figure there had to be angels watching us so as to avoid catastrophe and when the time should come for my kids and fireworks, there will be nothing of that sort no doubt but you bet we'll light them up loud yet safely.

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These are the toys listed in the video:

Pressman Witch Dr. Head Shrinkers Kit

The silly twat who made the video doesn't even claim that this one's dangerous. She's just repelled by the idea like your prototypical hysterical female.

Wham-O Air Blaster

Frisbee Super Elastic Bubble Plastic

Wham-O Wheelie Bar

Precisely! What was dangerous was doing wheelies on your bike without wheelie bars. I went right over on my back on the road one time and let me tell you I was in agony! I'm still surprised I wasn't injured.

Mattel Creepy Crawlers Thingmaker

A much beloved all-time classic toy and all that occurs to her is that it's "dangerous"? What a twit.

Deluxe Reading Johnny Seven O.M.A.

The best selling boys' toy of 1964 and still coveted by every toy enthusiast but she's horrified. To describe her attitude as "silly" is too kind.

Kenner's Easy Bake Oven

Every little girl's delight and still a much beloved all-time classic toy yet she condemns it? What a twit.

Transogram Swing Wing

Topper Sixfinger

Wham-O Water Wiggle



I once flipped over forward on a bike after racing down a street and then squeezing the wrong brake. No helmet and no injury what so ever. As I was going over, I thought I was a goner. I was about 12 at the time.

What happened was, there were these two brothers who had identical bikes. For some reason I didnt have mine with me at the time. So I used one of their bikes to race the other down a slight incline. I didnt know that because he was lefthanded the brakes were swiched. My rear wheel brake was his front wheel brake. What a surprise.


My little brother almost put one through a window once ... a second storey window!


Many a baseball and pet rocks also went through 2nd story windows but they weren't banned. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: