Incredibly cheap flights to Montreal!

$29 each way plus taxes of course!

[url=] ... eatsaleYUL[/url]

Can you say Montreal road trip in style!


Too bad us Hamiltonians can't
fly out of Mount Hope though.

We will have to get to
L.B. Pearson Airport.

I guess for a deal like that, Jare, it might be worth it
to hold our noses once we hit Argoland city limits. :oops: :smiley:

I went on and got a room at the Hyatt Regency for $75 a night double occupancy.

Now if you take 4 people down that's around $20 each person a night!

Man, we can fill a train and send another 1000 Ticat fans down by plane!

Getter done!

Or you can fly with Air Canada to Montreal direct from YHM - for $89 each way plus taxes.

Our stupid taxes make flying out of Buffalo in most cases the best option.

You don't even have to hold your nose Ron, LBP airport is in Mississauga!

Why split hairs?

Malton, Missisauga or Toronto.

click here

A smell that bad spreads.

Too true. There are almost 100.00 in taxes on the roundtrip with the 89.00 fare out of Hamilton. Highway robbery.

Sorry. It must have been the curry I ate the night before...

Our grand total for flight and accomadation for 4 days and 3 nights in downtown Montreal....wait for it..
$571.00 taxes in!

That's $71.00 a day in Montreal!!!
(BTW, our flight arrives at 9:00 am and we depart at 8:15 pm. so we have 4 almost complete days there)

Can't beat that deal...I hope a bunch of the'ers can make it!


Ok Jare , I dont want to sound stupid but that is PER PERSON right ....

Even per person that is a great deal !!! Montreal is an awesome city and 4 days would be a blast !!!!

lol...yep that's $71.00 per person.


I am glad you said that and not me, Sig.:roll:

A couple of not so nice zingers in this thread. Back to football...

Actually the zingers were tasteless and racist. I know everyone would be jumping all over anyone who made a comment about Hamilton.

Sorry, I find that kind of crap uncalled for on a public forum. It makes us look pretty low.