Incredible Touchdown!

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its not that incredible the only reason it is is because he had good blocking and because befor devin hester he was the best returner in teh game

adding to that post the coach probally hated dante hall after that play

It is to, small fry.

Hall has NUTHING on Devin Hester from The U!

Loved that video on Hester! That guy can shake 'n bake. Nice wheels! Is he still a Chicago Bear? I loved the one he returned in the opening kickoff of last year's Superbowl.

That Hall TD return isn't all that great. There are at least two blocks in the back which help to spring him.

...and count me in on the Devin Hester bandwagon. He ran back 7 kicks last year for touchdowns but he wasn't that big of a star. Dante Hall ran back 4 for TDs and he was all over the national media that year.

Alright, alright, already! What's incredible about the Hall return was the way he never allowed anybody get the angle on him. He juked and jived for small yardage until he found freedom.

Coaches don't usually hate players who help him justify his paycheque as skipper.

The only reason he was able to return that particular punt for a TD was the number of illegal blocks in the back!

I've always been a fan of Hester he wears #4 (well he did at the U) and I'm a Canes fan. Can wait to see what he'll do in Chicago this year as a WR.