Increase in ticket prices tied to team performance next year

Mr. Young, we appreciate what you have done in the last three years, however football is a "what have you done for me lately proposition so here is my proposal.

Sell next years season tickets with a minimum win guarantee. If and I stress if you must increase
the season ticket prices then in return guarantee at least a 500 record. If the team ends up below 500 return $ 5.00 per ticket per game under 500. That would be a fantastic incentive to the team and fans who after the last two years don't deserve any increase but would probably accept one with this guarantee. By the way I think the team is only three to four players away from being well over 500.

I lay out the challenge to you Mr. Young.

I think something along the lines of this will be done for sure.

Of course it will , it`s a buasiness and he wants to make money .